A Banshee is a Gaelic malevolent creature.


Banshees appear like a female with dark flowing hair, sunken eyes in blood red robes. Their body is covered with dark mist.

Malevolent Banshees are able to produce high-pitched screams that can drive anyone who hears their scream to commit suicide. The only ones capable of hearing their screams are the victims and once the victim is dead, the Banshee will feed on their frontal lobe. Banshees only prey on the vulnerable, both physically and emotionally, only hunt at night and hunt a location until it is picked clean before moving on.

Banshees tied to fairy lore are good and cry out to warn of impending death.

Power and Abilities


A Banshee preparing to feed.

  • Pitching Scream - Able produce a high-pitching scream that can hurt people who hear it. Humans affected by it are forced to bash their head in, effectively forcing them to commit suicide.
  • Intangibility - Like spirits, they are intangible.
  • Camouflage - Able camouflage to their surroundings. They are able to travel through the mist.
  • Tongue - They have a long, and specially designed, tongue to consume the brain of their victims.
  • Electromagnetic Interference - Their presence caused lights to flicker.
  • Telekinesis - With a single blow, a Banshee was able to fling Eillen Lahey across a room into a bookshelf and Sam Winchester through a wooden door.



A Banshee, also spelled Banshi and Benshee, is a Gaelic ghost of Irish and Scottish in origin. A female death omen spirit that manifests to herald approaching death with wailing. The word is derived from the old Irish ben sidhe, a woman of the fairy mound, or woman of the fairy mound, but it is translated by different scholars in a variety of ways, including Female Fairy, Angel of Death, Lady of Death, Woman of Peace, White Lady of Sorrow, Nymph of the Air, and Spirit of the Air, amongst others.

Many people have described the terrible wail, which precedes a death, and certain families are traditionally believed to be followed by the Banshee. The word is sometimes also used to denote a sort of demon, but in Nordic folklore the banshee is always benevolent.

The banshee of legend is actually a disembodied soul, either of someone who in life was strongly attached to the family or who hated all its members. So, if she loves those whom she call, the wail is a soft, tender, soothing chant, intended to either give notice of death's proximity or reassure the one destined to die, or to comfort the survivors. But if instead the Banshee during her life was a enemy of the family, the wail is more like the scream of a fiendish ghost, a demonic howling of delight over the coming fatal agony of one of her foes.


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