Balthazar was an angel of Heaven, who eventually left after taking the Staff of Moses (in addition to lots of Heaven's other weapons). Balthazar then broke the Staff of Moses into several pieces, allowing him to acquire many souls as opposed to selling the Staff in one complete piece and only acquiring one soul for it.

He was thought to be dead in the Apocalypse as Castiel mentioned, but Balthazar revealed he faked his death to follow in Castiel's "shoes", meaning he left heaven so that he may live his life without the constraint of Heaven's orders.


Balthazar, often sarcastic, jokes around in every situation and has little tolerance for humans.

Power and Abilities

Balthazar was an average Angel, possessing the remarkable abilities inherent in all angels.

  • Possession - Balthazar, to physically interact on Earth, needs a vessel, and must bear their consent.
  • Super strength - Balthazar is incredibly strong, more so than humans, demons and most monsters.
  • Teleportation - Balthazar can be anywhere at a thought, so long as the place isn't sigil-protected.
  • Telekinesis - Balthazar can move objects and people with his mind.
  • Vast knowledge - Balthazar had a good understanding of the universe. He knew many spells and rituals. For instance, he knew a way for Sam to pollute his vessel to the point it would be uninhabitable for his soul, and a spell that sent Sam and Dean to an alternate Earth.
  • Time Travel - Balthazar displayed the ability to travel in time and change history.
  • ImmortalityAs an angel, Balthazar can not grow old, get sick, and can not be harm by human conventional weapons.
  • InvulnerabilityLike most angels, Balthazar can not be harmed by weapons that would be fatal to humans and other supernatural beings like demons and monsters, but can only be harmed by weapons and objects that can harm angels. Such as an angels' sword, holy fire, Enochian magic, and Archangels.


Early life

Balthazar fought alongside Castiel and Uriel. Castiel thought that he had died in battle. In fact, Balthazar faked his death to hide his departure from Heaven, and took a number of powerful artifacts, including the Staff of Moses and Lot's Salt, with him. He has been on Earth enjoying a rather hedonistic lifestyle.

Season 6

SPN 1084

Balthazar claims his reasons for leaving Heaven.

Castiel, Sam and Dean inflitrate his residence after reading his angelic signature left on a boy's ribs. Balthazar had made a bargain for Aaron Birch's soul, playing the role of an angelic crossroads dealer. Castiel confronted the angel, in shock that his friend had not died during the Apocalypse like he had thought. As it turned out, Balthazar had faked his own death and stolen several biblical items from Heaven to avoid being killed for real due to the total anarchy "upstairs".

Castiel tried to bargain with his old friend for the release of the weapons, but Raphael and his angels interrupted them before anything could be agreed upon. Balthazar disappeared just as Raphael infiltrated the mansion and left Castiel to fight him alone. Raphael continues to thrash Castiel, but before he could deliver the killing strike, Balthazar returns with a crystal-shaped weapon and turns Raphael's vessel into salt, forcing him to find a new host, adding that "the same thing happened to Lot's wife".

SPN 1247

Dean traps Balthazar.

Amazed that he had returned, Castiel stands to thank him, but Sam and Dean arrive and trap him in a circle of holy fire. When they refuse to release him, he calls Dean a "hairless ape" and turns to Castiel for help, who says only that "the hairless ape has the floor." The brothers threaten to kill Balthazar unless he returns the child's soul. The angel agrees and makes void the contract between the boy and himself, but will not return the weapons. Sam threatens to douse him in holy fire, but Castiel releases him before either of the brothers can do anything, saying that his debt to Balthazar, for saving his life, had been cleared.

SPN 0465
When Death agrees to return Sam's soul from Lucifer's Cage, Sam summons Balthazar to find a way make his body reject his soul. Balthazar agrees to help Sam, mainly to piss off Dean. He also mentions that he would very much enjoy having Sam indebtted to him. Balthazar tells Sam that in addition to a few easily aquired ingredients, he needs to commit an act so vile, that it permanently "scars his vessel". When Sam inquires as to what that is, Balthazar informs Sam that he needs to commit patricide (i.e. killing his father).
File:SPN 0538.jpg

Sam immediately states that his father John has been dead for quite some time now, to which Balthazar responds saying "You need the blood of your father, but your father needn't be blood". It is now made obvious to Sam that Balthazar is implying that the death of Bobby will suffice, considering Bobby has been the closest thing to a father for Sam since John's death.

SPN 0097
After the return of Sam's soul, Balthazar suddenly appears at Bobby's house and tells Sam and Dean that Raphael intends to kill everyone who ever helped Castiel. He does not explain the situation, but quickly starts gathering Dead Sea brine, lamb's blood, and the bones of a lesser saint, which he uses to draw a sigil on a window. He gives a key to Sam to guard and then Virgil, Raphael's angel assassin, arrives, so Balthazar quickly tosses Sam and Dean through the window, sending them to a different universe.
SPN 1514

Later it turns out that sending the Winchesters into a different world with a bogus key was part of Balthazar and Castiel's plan to divert Raphael's attention from what they were really doing. While Virgil and Raphael were focused on hunting down and killing Sam and Dean, Balthazar was able to gather the stolen weapons of Heaven and give them all to Castiel. When Raphael arrives to kill Balthazar, Sam, and Dean, Castiel appears and threatens Raphael with the weapons now in his possession, forcing him to leave.

SPN 0535
Several episodes later, Balthazar alters history and unsinks the Titanic. Balthazar asserts that his reason for doing so being that he hated the movie, and that the theme song by Celine Dion made him want to smite himself. With this action, it alters history and creates thousands of new souls. Because of this intervention, Atropos, the sister of fate in charge of "snipping the thread of life" begins to try to undo the mess created by this.

Atropos begins to try and kill Dean and Sam for two reasons, to spite Castiel and because them stopping the apocalypse ruined her work and made her obsolete (because now, no one is bound by fate and everyone has freedom). After a brief confrontation between Atropos and Castiel, Balthazar approaches from behind to kill her. In the end, Castiel gives Balthazar orders to cease his attempt to kill the Sister of Fate, and to go back in time and allow the Titanic to sink, setting the events of time back to the way they are supposed to be.

In Let It Bleed, Sam and Dean summon Balthazar for help on finding Lisa and Ben. When summoned, he tells the boys to stop calling him. Sam and Dean reveal to him that Castiel is working with Crowley, but Balthazar already knew that. They then reveal that Castiel plans to open Purgatory, which Balthazar pretends to know about and then disappears. Balthazar later asks Castiel if his plan to open Purgatory is indeed true. Castiel confirms this and asks Balthazar if he's still with Castiel. Balthazar lies and tells Castiel that he is still loyal. Balthazar returns to Sam and Dean, now agreeing to help them. He finds and takes Sam and Dean to the location of Lisa and Ben and vanishes.

Balthazar continues to help them in The Man Who Knew Too Much. He compliments Dean on finally angel proofing the panic room correctly. When Dean first asks Balthazar about Castiel and Crowley's location, he is resistant, describing his confliction on whether or not he should betray his angelic friend and help the brothers. After some slight hesitation, Balthazar eventually gave Dean Castiel and Crowley's location and vanished. Unfortunately, Balthazar has not yet realized that this act of helping Dean and betraying Castiel had already cost him his life.


Balthazar dies

Castiel summoned Balthazar to his hideout and told Balthazar there is a "Judas" among them. Castiel asks Balthazar to go and find the tratior, and Balthazar attempts to play dumb, even trying to direct the blame onto another angel, going as far as to say "I bet it's that bloody Cherub, isn't it?". At this point, Balthazar is not aware that Castiel already knows that he is the traitor in question. Balthazar continues to attempt to alleviate Castiel's concerns by saying "well, you always have little old me". Immediately afterwards, Castiel appears behind Balthazar and stabs him while saying "yes, I'll always have you". Balthazar's last moments are of shock and confusion right before he dies seconds later.



  • Balthazar mentions that the crystal he uses to turn Raphael to a mound of salt was the same weapon used on Lot's wife when she was turned to salt for glancing back at Sodom as she and her family left the wicked city.
  • Balthazar is the first character in all of Season 6 to comment on how valuable and how powerful human souls are.
  • In You Can't Handle The Truth, Castiel mentions that the Horn of Gabriel which makes anyone tell the truth is stolen from Heaven. It is never proven but it's very possible that Balthazar had stolen this along with the other weapons.
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