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Back and to the Future is the season premiere of Season 15. It aired on October 10, 2019.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Picking up here we left off last season, Sam, Dean and Castiel are left to defend the world after all the souls in hell have been released and are back on Earth and free to kill again.


Chuck releases damned souls from Hell

Chuck unleashes damned souls from Hell.

SamDean, and Castiel are surrounded by the dead, which the souls released from Hell by Chuck have reanimated. As they try to fight the horde off, they realize that they are outnumbered. Castiel takes Jack's dead body over his shoulder and together they run into a crypt in the cemetery. While the undead try to get in, Sam, Dean, and Castiel try to understand the situation. Sam asks Castiel if he could revive Jack, but he says he can't. They are trying to come up with a plan to escape when Sam says he hears water. Sam and Dean break open the wall but immediately a zombie tries to squeeze himself in before Castiel smashes him with a stone.

Jack suddenly rising from the floor

Jack suddenly rising from the floor.

Jack suddenly rises from the floor. Sam thinks that it's actually Jack, back from the dead, but Castiel informs them that his body is possessed by a demon. The demon apologizes and immediately confirms Castiel's statement, and picks up some sunglasses left amongst the trash in the crypt to hide his burned-out eyes. The demon introduces himself as Belphegor and starts to explain himself but Castiel attacks him, pinning him against the wall. Castiel doesn't trust him, but Sam and Dean convince him that they actually need some support to escape. Belphegor agrees—he says he is keen for Hell to return to its normal mode of operation. With the contribution of some angel's blood from Castiel and some graveyard dirt, Belphegor performs a spell. Everything falls silent, and when they open the crypt door, all the zombies are inert on the ground.

Bloody Mary appearing to Rachel in the mirror

Bloody Mary appearing to Rachel in the mirror

In the nearby town of Harlan, Kansas, two teenagers are in a bedroom, listening to music, putting on make up and different jewelry for fun. While one of them is explaining that her mom buys everything for her since the divorce from her father, a mysterious creature appears on the mirror, but stays unseen for the two girls. When one of them takes a look at herself in the mirror, she starts wondering about her reflection in the mirror acting on its own, before blood comes out of her eyes. Suddenly Bloody Mary is in the mirror and the girl sees blood running down from her eyes. She screams in pain as the touch of her own face with her fingers makes her skin melt. Her friend tries to run away but her path it blocked by Mary Worthington, who has left the mirror.

Belphegor joins the Winchester brothers and Castiel in the Impala

Dean, Sam, Castiel and Belphegor are driving in the Impala

Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Belphegor are driving. Sam checks the internet for any news, but finds nothing unusual so far. Belphegor says it just takes a bit of time until all the souls from Hell find a person to possess. Sam asks him how many souls that might be and Belphegor assumes about two to three billion spirits. Dean suggests they go back to the Bunker to figure out a plan on how to close the rift, but Belphegor doubts that's even possible. To buy some time and to cut the damage, the demon recommends offers to do a spell to contain the souls in a mile-wide barrier, through which no ghosts can get in or out. Castiel fears for the people in the small town of Harlan, which is within that one-mile circle. Dean says they are going to evacuate that place, so the ghosts can't harm anyone.

With the plan set, they drive ahead but soon come across a car parked oddly by the side of the road. Sam and Dean get out to see what happened, but they find the car empty, with blood splattered at the windows. Sam thinks that this is a Woman in White, possibly the same spirit they killed 15 years ago. Dean concludes that all the evil spirits they killed in their whole life might be back.

A mother and her daughter run through their house, trying to get away, while a distorted, laughing voice is audible, asking them to play with him. The walls and interior have blood stains everywhere. Mother and daughter end up in the garage, but can't get outside, and begin to frantically look for a place to hide. A moment later, John Wayne Gacy's spirit appears and begins searching the garage for his intended victims.

Dean tells Castiel to help Belphegor to get the ingredients for the spell

Dean tells Castiel to take Belphegor to collect everything he needs for his spell

Arriving in Harlan, Sam poses as an FBI agent and talks to the local sheriff, while the others wait in the Impala. Dean tells Castiel to take Belphegor to collect everything he needs for his spell, but Castiel refuses, feeling distraught by the sight of Jack's possessed body. Meanwhile, Sam convinces the sheriff to evacuate everyone due to a benzene leak in a pipe just outside town. The sheriff suggests they move everyone to a high school that's about five miles away from the city center.

While waiting in the Impala, Dean puts Chuck's gun into the glove box. Belphegor takes a look around and comments on how good-looking people are these days and that it's been awhile since he was alive on earth. Dean asks about the ingredients for the spell and Belphegor tells him that they need a bag of salt and a human heart.

The vengeful spirits confronts Sam, Castiel and the others

More ghosts arrived and began attacking Sam, Castiel and the others

After the local houses are evacuated, Sam and Castiel do one more pass to check inside them. Castiel comes across Bloody Mary's victims while Sam goes inside the home where John Wayne Gacy attacked the family. Sam finds mother and daughter hiding in the garage. When he's about to bring them outside, Gacy's spirit appears, cutting Sam with his knife. Castiel enters the garage and shoots the evil spirit with rock salt before he can attack again. Castiel heals Sam's gash from the ghost, and then tries to heal the wound from when he shot Chuck with the Equalizer. Sam has a vision of himself in the Bunker in alarm mode and he seems to have black eyes and he can hear Dean beg: "Sammy, please." Castiel is unsuccessful in healing the wound, saying that it contains some kind of energy he never felt before. A second later Sam's phone rings. The sheriff tells Sam that everyone's at the school. Sam, Castiel, the mother, and her daughter are leaving the neighborhood when more ghosts attack them.

Dean gives Belphegor a bag of rock salt

Dean gives Belphegor a bag of rock salt

Dean exits a store with a bag of salt under his arm, talking to Rowena on the telephone and asking her to meet them for support. When he's back at the Impala, Belphegor mentions that he's been a fan of Dean since his time in Hell. He saw what Dean did to souls and thinks that his way of torturing was art. Dean feels uneasy about this. He asks Belphegor what Hell is like now like with the rift open and Belphegor compares it to an anthill that caught fire. He adds that every door sprang open and the sky cracked. After Dean inquires, Belphegor confirms that even the Cage's door is open. Dean wants to know about Michael. As far as the demon knows, Michael is just sitting in the Cage.

The ghosts are trapped inside the circle as Sam, Castiel and the others manage to cross the line

The ghosts are trapped in the circle as Sam and the others manage to cross the line before they can attack

As they head to the morgue to get a human heart, they hear a scream and find the body of the sheriff, who has been killed by the Woman in White. The demon seizes the opportunity to take the man's heart for his spell. Dean suddenly realizes a ghost is near due to the temperature drop, and gets thrown away by the Woman in White, who says that she remembers Dean taking her home. When she turns her attention to Belphegor, Dean hits the Woman in White with iron, making her disappear. Belphegor does the spell, activating a barrier around Harlan that ends a few yards away from Sam and the others. They manage to cross the line before the spirits can attack again and they see that the ghosts are now trapped inside the circle.

Sam, Dean, and the others bring the mother and her daughter to the high school where the rest of the townsfolk have taken refuge and advise them not to say anything about the things they've seen today, as they don't want to start a panic. The daughter says "Thank you" and Sam brings them both inside. Dean asks Castiel if he's okay. Castiel says that he is and when he tries to say more, Dean immediately turns away, not interested in any conversation.

Sam saying ''We got work to do''

Sam saying We got work to do.

When Sam comes back, Dean wants to check on Sam's shoulder, where he wounded himself shooting Chuck. Sam is reluctant at first, but lets him take a look anyway. Dean finds no exit wound and asks if it hurts. Sam says it hurts just a little. Dean asks if he remembers what Dean did as a child while tending Sam's wounds. Sam remembers the stupid jokes Dean told him for distraction. He starts with a knock-knock joke and when Sam asks "who's..." he's interrupted by Dean disinfecting his wound. Dean tells Sam how he is wrestling with Chuck's revelation that he has manipulated the Winchesters their whole life. Sam counters that they still saved people and that now, as Chuck is seemingly gone, if they beat this apocalypse then it will be all their own achievement. As they stow their gear in the trunk of the Impala, Sam says "We got work to do."


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


  • Melanie Merkosky as Carla
  • Amanda Spinosa as Girl #1
  • Jasmine Miriguay as Rachel
  • Sean Tyson as Sheriff
  • Isabella Barr as Carla’s Daughter
  • Madison Barr as Carla’s Daughter
  • Kyle Strauts as Cadaverous Ghost
  • Jillian Knowles as Suzie
  • TBA as Lizzie Borden

Featured Music[]

  • The Famous Final Scene by Bob Seger
  • Gimme What I Want by Tony Stafford, Jr., Michael Smith, and NineOneOne
  • Too Good to Be True by Lon Rogers & the Soul Blenders

Featured Supernatural Beings[]



  • This is the first part of a three-part series premiere.
  • This is the final season premiere of the series.
  • The Winchesters face off against Constance Welch, Mary Worthington and John Wayne Gacy who they previously fought in Pilot, Bloody Mary and Lebanon.
  • The episode title could be a reference to the 1985 American science fiction film Back to the Future. It could also be a reference to the fact that all the souls that Sam and Dean Winchester sent to Hell from the past seasons are now back to the present, which is the "future" for the souls.
  • Sam says "We got work to do." in this episode. This is the fourth time that this was said by one of the Winchesters on the series with Pilot, All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2, and Fan Fiction being the first three.
    • When the Winchesters close the Impala trunk, the scene briefly flashes to when they did the same thing in the Pilot.
  • The demon that took over Jack Kline's body is Belphegor. According to real life demonology, Belphegor is a demon and one of the seven Princes of Hell who helps people make discoveries. He seduces people by suggesting to them ingenious inventions that will make them rich.
  • Belphegor reveals there were about 2 to 3 billion yet-to-be-demonized souls in Hell.
  • Its revealed that every door in Hell was thrown open by God, including the door to Lucifer's Cage. Dean expresses worry that Michael may have escaped, though the last Belphegor knew, Michael was still just sitting in the Cage.
  • The song opening the episode is Bob Seger's "The Famous Final Scene." It previously appeared in Season 9's Road Trip as the opening song.
  • For the first time, the Winchesters add jackets labeled FBI to their disguise instead of wearing suits.
  • Castiel uses a shotgun for the first time since Two Minutes to Midnight. Like that time, he saves Sam's life with it.
  • Belphegor suggests that the Winchesters and Castiel are responsible for the "hellmouth" situation. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, hellmouth is place in which dimensional barriers are particularly weak, allowing to relatively easily move between dimensions in such places. Thus, a hellmouth is practically a gateway between different dimensions. Specifically, the town Buffy lives in, Sunnydale, is built just a top a rather dangerous hellmouth, connecting earth with an awful hellish dimension, thus Buffy must prevent from being opened. A second hellmouth is revealed to exist in Cleveland, Ohio in the Buffy series finale.
    • In The Gatekeeper Trilogy of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel series, Belphegor is one of the Big Bads.
  • Despite his vessel having no eyes, Belphegor's interactions with the world around him suggest that the demon can see just fine without them. This is contrary to the Waitress demon in Lazarus Rising who was blinded when her vessel's eyes were burned out by Castiel. However, in her case, the demon was possessing the vessel at the time it suffered the injury rather than taking over the body afterwards.
  • While Castiel heals Sam in the episode, he also fixes his shirt that was damaged due to the slash. This is the first time such effect appears.



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