Baby Girl's Parents

Baby Girl's parents (Mother portrayed by Yoshie Bancroft)

This baby girl is a resident of Hope Springs, Idaho.


When a mysterious fog hits the town, this girl's family car is parked on the road. Sam Winchester hurriedly frees the girl from car seat, promising her that she'll be safe.

She willingly lets Sam pick her up, who then delivers her to her parents, urging them to go inside the police station.

A group of citizens gather inside while Sam and Dean try to barricade all entrances, however, the fog still manages to seep in and reach Sam, causing him to cough violently.

The girl cries tearfully at the sight of Sam in pain. To protect everyone from the infected Sam and the fog, Sheriff Mac orders everyone into another room, where they remain until the fog suddenly disappears.

Afterwards, the girl and her parents resume life as normal.


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