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Baby is the 4th episode of Season 11. It aired on October 28, 2015.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Seen entirely from the point of view of the Impala, Sam and Dean go on a road trip to fight monsters and demons


Dean is having a case of cabin fever and he claims that he's washed every car in the Bunker twice. Sam tells him that he hasn't made any progress in his search about the Darkness. When Sam tells Dean that there might be a case, Dean tells him that he can fill him with the details on their way there.

Sam tells Dean about a possible case in Quaker Valley, Oregon. The local sheriff, Dwayne Markham was found in the woods with his body mauled, so the local officials categorized it as animal attack. Sam believes it might be a werewolf attack. They both agree that it was thin but continue on to Oregon anyway. Castiel calls, telling Sam and Dean that he couldn't find anything related to the case they were handling. The boys insist that Castiel's only job right now is to focus on helping himself get better, with Sam offering up his room and Netflix to keep Castiel distracted.

Dean pulls over to a roadhouse despite Sam's objections, prompting Dean to remind him that it's the same roadhouse where they had a good time with a hunter by the name of Heather after a wendigo case a few years back. Sam tells Dean to have fun, but he is going to find a diner and do some research on the case.

As the night changes into the dawn, Dean wobbles out of the roadhouse and gets inside the Impala to take a quick nap, muttering to himself that "Mistakes were made" as he closes his eyes. He's soon startled by a woman in the backseat asking, "Who are you?" Sam's voice is heard from the back explaining to the girl that it was his brother. Dean leaves the car to give Sam and Piper, a waitress from the diner, some privacy. As the two are saying goodbye to each other, Piper looks for her hairpin but can't find it in the car.

As they get back on the road, Dean begins teasing Sam for his one night stand and puts a tape in the deck. Bob Seger's "Night Moves" starts playing, and soon the two begin singing along to the song. The boys share their thoughts about settling down, on which they have a very different opinions. While Dean thinks one night stands are all they can have, and are lucky to get, Sam still believes that there's a chance for them to have something more meaningful. Believing Sam to be exhausted, Dean tells him to get in the back and get some rest.

Suddenly Sam is awakened by Judy Collin's "Someday Soon." He asks Dean what he's listening to, only to find the younger version of John Winchester in the driver's seat. Sam believes he's having another vision. John says he is only here to deliver a message—that the Darkness is coming and only the boys can stop it. Sam insists that there should be a way to stop the Darkness and that John needs to tell him, but John only answers, "God helps those who help themselves." Sam asks John one last question before he wakes up: "Who are you?"

Sam wakes up in the backseat and is offered a can of beer by Dean, who tells Sam that he was singing the song that their mom loved in his sleep. Sam tells Dean about his dream or vision and the message that it brought. He says that the message might be from God, but Dean doesn't believe him. Sam tells him that he had his first vision after praying in the hospital, coming clean that he got infected by rabids during that time. However, Dean is still convinced that whatever Sam saw was only a fever dream, a side effect of the infection. Dean tells Sam that he dreams about their Dad all the time, but Sam isn't convinced and still believes that God or something else is trying to send them a message. Dean tells Sam that whatever it is, the Darkness is on them and they are the ones who need to fix this, and they agree to focus on the case they are working.

The boys finally reach their destination. Dean goes to see the corpse—the body was totally mauled and the heart is missing. Dean coins the term were-pire to describe the creature that attacked the sheriff. Sam gets a copy of the report from the Sheriff's replacement, Deputy Donelly. The deputy shows up by the car suddenly, greeting them. He recommends a local motel and a restaurant that serves the best steak in the state, Aunt Mel's.

The boy head to the restaurant, where Dean is pissed to discover that they have valet parking. He reluctantly gives the key to Jessie, the valet. Jessie pulls away excitedly and drives to pick up her friend. The girls then cruise around town and do donuts in a vacant lot until Jessie's boss calls and tells her to come back right away. Jesse's friend can't find her purse when she's getting dropped off, but Jessie is in a hurry—worried about getting fired—and forces her to leave the car without it. When she gets back to the restaurant, Dean is oblivious to her little adventure and grudgingly praises her for taking good care of his baby.

Dean drops Sam at the Sheriff's house to ask if the wife had seen anything, while he goes back to the woods where the body was found. He feels that something is not right with the crime scene photos. Castiel calls while Dean is observing the scene—he's found a creature in the lore that matches the boys' findings. Dean insists on calling it the were-pire, but Castiel doesn't get it. The creature he's found is called a Whisper. Silver will work to kill it, but it's better to decapitate it to be sure. Dean reports his findings that the crime scene was staged. Castiel continues to explain the lore on Whispers while outside the car, the deputy stops by. The deputy then attacks Dean. Castiel, oblivious to what's going on, continues talking, only to find that some of the details of the case don't match a Whisper's characteristics. He agrees to call whatever they're after a "were-pire" instead. After hearing a gunshot over the phone, Castiel stops his monologue and calls Dean's name urgently until Dean finally comes back to the phone. Dean had decapitated the deputy's head but weirdly, the head was still alive. He reports the result to Castiel, puts the head in the cooler, and takes a picture of the were-pire's teeth for Castiel to continue researching.

After ending the phone call with Castiel, Dean finds missed calls from Sam and calls him back immediately. Sam says that he got jumped and he managed to escape, taking the unconscious Mrs. Markham with him. Dean goes to pick them up. The machete he used to decapitate the deputy falls under the front seat as he drives. Castiel calls again after Dean picks Sam and Mrs. Markham up, and he informs them both that the creature is a ghoul- and vampire-like creature called a nachzehrer. Dean coins another new term, a ghoul-pire. Castiel explains that the only way to get rid of a nachzehrer is to remind it that it's dead by using a Charon's Obol: a coin in ancient Greek mythology that was put inside the mouth of the dead so that they could use it as a currency to be taken across the river to the underworld. The boys need to put a copper coin inside the mouth of the nachzehrer and sever its head. If they manage to kill the alpha, the rest of the pack will revert to being human.

The boys need to find pennies older than 1982, because after that, they were no longer made of mostly copper. Sam goes inside a mini market to get change. In the backseat of the Impala, Mrs. Markham regains consciousness and Dean tries to explain the situation to her. She hears a noise from the cooler box and opens the lid and is shocked to see an animated head inside. Dean moves the box to the trunk. Mrs. Markham then says some things about family and asks Dean if he agrees that we do everything for our family. She then attacks Dean. The deputy had turned her and her kids, but her husband didn't want to be turned, which is why he was killed.

Mrs. Markham overpowers Dean and drives off with him unconscious and handcuffed in the backseat. She goes back to the woods to put the deputy's head and body together. Once again whole, the deputy starts the car and they all drive off. The deputy turns out to be the alpha. He was living a quiet life but since the Darkness came, he's been building up an army. He claims that the Darkness will come for everyone. He reveals to Dean that he has Sam heading into a trap and he plans to turn Sam. Dean manages to find Piper's lost hairpin and gets himself unlocked. He then grabs the alpha while he's driving, and they crash into a road block.

Dean also manages to find the purse that Jessie's friend left earlier, and inside is a wallet filled with pennies. Next to it on the floor of the car is the machete that he'd used earlier. After a vigorous fight, Dean manages to kill the alpha by shoving pennies from Jessie's friend's bag down his throat and then using the Impala's door to decapitate him. Dean takes a look at how battered the Impala is and whispers, "Oh, Baby. I'm so sorry," while stroking the car gently.

Mrs. Markham wakes up with her humanity restored and immediately asks Dean to help her get to her children. Dean agrees, figuring Sam will likely be nearby. After some issues getting the battered Baby to start, they roll off as a very grateful Dean blows a kiss to the car.

They arrive at the nachzehrer's former nest. All the nachzehrers have changed back to their human forms. Dean helps the limping Sam got into the car as they discuss how the monsters were also freaked out by the Darkness. Dean tells Sam, "Let's go home," and Sam, patting the dashboard with affection answers, "We are home."

Dean starts the engine again. With the whistle and the rumbling of the engine, he says, "There's my girl." He turns up the volume and "Night Moves" starts to play as the boys drive back to the Bunker.


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  • This episode marks the first on-screen appearance of Lucifer (and John Winchester) since Season 5. However, both appear as a vision manifested by Lucifer.
  • Dean brings up how Sam "finally isn't a virgin anymore" after they both 'renewed' their virginity in Rock and a Hard Place.
  • Dean is still sporting his injuries from Castiel's beating under the Attack Dog Spell in The Bad Seed and at the beginning of the episode, continuing to refuse to allow Castiel to heal him. At the end of the episode, both Winchesters agree to allow Castiel to heal their injuries.
  • Castiel is still recovering from the breaking of the Attack Dog Spell in The Bad Seed.


  • The CW's official summary for this episode is missing a full stop at the end of the sentence.
  • The episode was watched by 2.13 million viewers and got a 0.8 rating, making this episode the most viewed episode of the season.
  • This is the first episode of the entire series to feature Castiel and not be physically present.
  • This is the first time Matt Cohen portrays a young John Winchester since season 5 episode, The Song Remains the Same.
  • Sarah-Jane Redmond also guest-starred in The CW's other widely-popular show Smallville as Lana Lang's Aunt Nell. Jensen Ackles, before starting in Supernatural, played a recurring role in Smallvilles fourth season as Lana Lang's boyfriend.
  • Teach Grant also starred in the 2007 movie Devour that also featured Jensen.
  • The whole episode takes place inside the Impala. This concept of restricting the show to a limited premise is known as "bottle necking" the episode.
  • The show Castiel is watching on Netflix is obviously supposed to be Orange is the New Black.
  • Jensen Ackles mentioned a scene with Dean and Sam arguing over a burrito, and revealed that it wasn't scripted.
  • The shot of the camera flare as the Winchesters were laughing was a prep moment, not actual shooting.
  • This episode was filmed very differently to any other episodes. Usually for car scenes there's a rig for cameras and a trailer that pulls the car for closeups because the actors can't see to drive. For this episode the crew actually rigged the cameras into and onto the car in a way that Jensen Ackles could still see enough to drive, they would rig the lights and roll sound and then the actors would literally just drive away from the crew up the road. Ackles and Jared Padalecki have said it was weird because they were just on their own with no one to say "action" or "cut", and it was up to them to do most of their scenes without those cues.
    • The same concept of showing everything from inside the car was also used in the 2013 movie Vehicle 19 which starred the late actor Paul Walker.
  • This is the first episode Dean calls Sam by his first name, Samuel.
    • The scene, along with the mention of the name and the description of Bob Seger as a great rock writer were both improvised by Jared and Jensen.
    • The latter quote was first made by Robert Singer, who then added it as a description to the song Night Moves which played during the scene. Jensen turned the quote into a dialogue.
      • The song Night Moves was chosen by Robbie Thompson's wife.
  • In Jus In Bello, Agent Victor Henriksen shoots Sheriff Melvin Dodd, to which Dean says "But you didn't shoot the deputy". In this episode, Dean says after shooting Deputy Donnelly that "Turns out, I did shoot the deputy". Both are a reference to the lyrics of the song I Shot the Sheriff.
  • At the sex implying scene after Dean comes in the car and sees Piper, Jared obviously not in the car. (Must be too big for the shot.)

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  • Travelin' Man by Bob Seger and the Sliver Bullet Band
  • Night Moves by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

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  • German: Baby
  • Hungarian: Baby




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