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Azazel is a powerful demon and a Prince of Hell who led the plot to free Lucifer from his Cage in Hell.

He is the alternate reality counterpart of Azazel.


In 1973, Azazel killed John Winchester and offered to resurrect him if Mary Campbell granted Azazel permission to enter her house in ten years time. However, Mary refused the deal and Azazel did not bring John back to life though he also didn't kill Mary.

Like the Main Universe Azazel, he was successfully able to lead a plot to free his world's version of Lucifer from the Cage. However, the demons lost the Apocalypse and Lucifer was killed by Michael. In about 2007, Azazel killed Mary Campbell.

It is unknown if Azazel is still alive or has been killed in the war between the angels and the demons brought on by Lucifer's release.

In 2017, the Apocalypse World version of Bobby Singer told Sam and Dean about the Mary Campbell of his world and how she was killed by Azazel about ten years earlier. Six months later, Bobby told Mary Winchester about how her alternate counterpart didn't take Azazel's deal. Mary, who had taken the deal, realized that as her counterpart hadn't taken Azazel's deal, Sam and Dean never existed to stop the Apocalypse as they did in the Main Universe.

In 2020, God destroys the entire Multiverse, including Apocalypse World. If Azazel was still alive, he is killed in Apocalypse World's destruction.