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This article is about a character appearing in the animated series, which is not canon. You may be looking for the live-action series counterpart, if any.

The Lord? I was once an Angel of the Lord. And I know a lot more about God than any mortal. He won't lift a finger for you. He merely stands by and watches. You've been praying for him to save your daughter and what has he done? Her health continues to deteriorate and still he does nothing.

Azazel (アザゼル), also known as the Yellow-Eyed Demon, The Demon, The Devil, or even Great One by lesser demons was an angel created by God who fell and became a demon.[1] He is the only known yellow-eyed demon and is one of, if not, the most powerful creature Sam and Dean have ever encountered.

Azazel is the main antagonist of Supernatural: The Animation, an animated Japanese remake of the first two seasons of the original TV series.


Azazel was once an angel in Heaven before falling from grace and becoming a demon, and became the leader to hordes of lesser demons.

Usually, Azazel gathered his minions by making deals with various people, and having them possessed by demons. He was shown to uphold his end of the deal at least twice.

Azazel eventually decided to create a group of Special Children, who were each fed demon blood as an infant and were expected to grow and develop powers by their mid-20s. Azazel kept watch of each child, and more often than not he was responsible for the deaths of their mothers, as the mothers tried to intervene in his "ceremony".

Among them was Sam Winchester, whose mother Mary tried to intervene and was subsequently killed in a fire. This led John Winchester to pursue Azazel for the rest of his life. Azazel stayed mostly in the background as the Winchester family sought for a way to kill him.

In The Alter Ego, Sam has a nightmare of when Azazel fed him his blood as an infant.

In Temptation of the Demon, Maria, the mother of Meg Masters is praying in a church for God to restore her health, when Azazel hears her prayers and reaches out to her. Azazel wants to make a deal with her, the restoration of her daughter's health, for herself to possessed by a demon of Azazel's. At first, Maria refuses, but her daughter's condition gets worse, and she gives in to Azazel's deal, and is possessed by one of his demons. Azazel then sends the demon to kill the hunter Henderson, who has been investing the fires that Azazel has been causing.

In Reunion, Azazel goes to the vampire Gayle, whose son is dying from a hunter who attempted to kill him. Azazel makes a deal with Gayle: that he will save his son if he allows himself to be possessed by a demon. Gayle agrees and is possessed by a demon. Azazel uses this demon-possessed-vampire to find the Colt, which it does, but loses it to John, Dean, and Sam, who kill Gayle and take it for themselves.

In All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1, Azazel gathered all of his Special Children and forced them to fight each other to the death, in hopes of obtaining a champion. This turned out to be Jake Talley.In All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2 Azazel then ordered Jake to open the Devil's Gate in Wyoming with the Colt. Jake at first was resisting, even attempting to punch Azazel, who effortlessly threw across the woods. Azazel then threatened Jakes mother and sister, saying how easily he could end their lives, but if Jake gave in, they would live lives the couldn't have imagined. Jake gave in, and unlocked the Devil's Gate with the Colt unleashing a vast number of demons from Hell, despite Missouri's, Dean's, Sam's and Bobby's efforts to stop him. Sam then brutally beats Jake to death, and the hunters and psychic then try to close the gate, prompting Azazel to intervene.

Azazel shot with the Colt.

He takes the Colt from Dean, then telekinetically pins Sam and Dean to graves stones. He taunts Dean before attempting to kill him with the Colt, only to be stopped by the ghost of John Winchester who climbed his way out of Hell. Dean Winchester, with the help of his father's spirit, manages to grab the Colt and kill Azazel thus ending his reign of terror.


Azazel is shown to be calm and collected and rarely showed any facial emotion. He has a disdain for his creator, God. He has been shown to enjoy taunting people, as he did with Dean before attempting to kill him.

Azazel has shown to creepily give a wide smile when people give in to want he wants.[2]

Powers and Abilities[]

Azazel was ranked high in Hell's hierarchy; being a kind of demonic overseer and army leader for Hell's legion. Azazel possessed the basic powers of a demon as well as powers only seen by him.

  • Biokinesis - He made Dean vomit blood with a thought. He was also able to restore a flower back to life.
  • Demonic Possession - As a demon, Azazel was a disembodied spirit who required a human vessel to exist physically on Earth. He forcefully inhabit a human's body through their mouths. Over the course of the series, Azazel always inhabited the body of a well-dressed middle-aged Caucasian man.
    • Flight - While disembodied, Azazel could fly or soar through the air at moderate speeds as a cloud of black smoke.
  • Dream Walking - Azazel entered into the dreams of Sam and the other Special Children at Coldcreek. In the dream, Azazel manifested as either a giant floating yellow eyeball or as a giant version of his human vessel.
  • Healing - Azazel could heal damaged or ailing organic matter into a healthy state. He cured Meg Masters of her otherwise-incurable illness, however it seems he required her mother's permission before he could do so.[3]
  • Immortality - Azazel was centuries old at the time of his death, maybe older. Possession by Azazel also rendered his vessel similarly unaging and infirm.
  • Immunity - Holy water had no effect on Azazel.[4]
  • Invulnerability - Azazel cannot be harmed by conventional means. In one instance, John shot Azazel's vessel with power handguns, ripping the vessel apart, but Azazel himself proved to be unharmed.[5]
  • Pyrokinesis - Azazel set Mary Winchester ablaze with little effort.
  • Resurrection (Possibly) - Although it was never confirmed if he could resurrect the dead, although considering his conversation with Dean, it seems he would require a Faustian deal to be made with him before he could do so, similar to a crossroads demon.
  • Super Strength - Being of a higher echelon of demons, Azazel exhibited immense strength while possessing a vessel; increasing the vessel's strength threshold well beyond the limits of most supernatural creatures. When Jake Talley attacked him angrily, Azazel simply sent him several yards through the forest at high speeds like a meteorite, leaving a clear path of bent trees in his wake, all with little effort. However, this strength seemed to be purely physical as he was unable to immediately break free when the ghost of John Winchester restrained him.
  • Teleportation - Azazel could envelop himself in darkness to de-materialize and then re-materialize in another location.
    • Apporting - He could also do this with others. Interestingly, when he teleported Sam to the ghost town of Coldcreek, it left behind searing hot areas where his smoke had touched.
  • Telekinesis - Azazel could move objects and people with only a thought or a hand gesture. He pinned Mary Winchester to the ceiling of Sam's nursery.


Being a high-tier demon, Azazel had few weaknesses.


  • Ghosts - While they could not harm him, Azazel's vessel could be temporarily restrained by a ghost. It seemed that the ghost would have to have been particularly strong, as only John Winchester possessed the willpower to do so.

Banishing or Destroying[]

  • Exorcism - Although extremely difficult, it has been proven that Azazel can be exorcised.
  • Special Children - The special child Lily Baker was able to exorcise Azazel from his vessel with her powers.[5]
  • The Colt - Like all supernatural creatures, Azazel was vulnerable to the powers of the Colt. It was this vulnerability that ultimately cost him his life.


Azazel has yellow glowing eyes, which are unique to him. He usually posses a pale Caucasian middle-aged male in a dark trench coat, a tie, and a formal hat.


Azazel is the most recurring demon and antagonist in Supernatural: The Animation.


  • In this version, Azazel claimed to Maria he was originally an Angel before becoming a Demon (in Temptation of the Demon), while in the live action TV series, he was a human soul that was tortured and corrupted by Lucifer himself. He was also one of the four Princes of Hell.
  • In this version, it would seem that Azazel was also The Devil, however it cannot be confirmed; when called "The Devil" Azazel never denied it. When he and John Winchester were negotiating a deal, Azazel expressed his surprise that John was "making a deal with the devil".
    • Anderson also refers to Azazel as "The Devil".
    • Also noteworthy, Bobby Singer claimed in Temptation of the Demon that Demonic Omens implied to be caused by Azazel (lightning, forest fires and dead swarms of bees) were characteristic of the Devil.
  • Coincidentally, both Azazel and the mainstream-continuity Nephilim Jack Kline have very similar eyes, being gold/bright yellow irises.
    • It is also interesting to note that both Azazel and Jack Kline have allegedly angelic origins.

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