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Avery Meadows was a doctor who in life would lobotomize his patients and experiment upon them. After death, he became a violent spirit.


In life, Avery Meadows was a doctor operating out of Grand Junction, Colorado during the 1960s. When people were brought to him to treat mental illness, Meadows would always lobotomize them and take the ones that survived to his house where Meadows experimented upon them. Meadows' house became haunted by the ghosts of his victims while Meadows hid their bodies somewhere within his house. Meadows was eventually found out and arrested with the arresting officers having to rip his plague mask off of his face.

After his arrest, Meadows was tried, convicted and executed for his crimes. Meadows' body was cremated, but he became a powerful violent spirit tied to his old plague masks in his house. Meadows went on to become something of an urban legend amongst the townspeople with his house being declared haunted by many.

In 2017, on a dare, best friends Evan and Shawn Raider visit Meadows' old home. After the two steal one of Meadows' plague masks, Meadows' ghost begins to terrorize the teenagers, causing the house to creak with the sound of footsteps around them. As the two race down the stairs, Meadows' ghost, wearing one of his masks and wielding a drill, appears in front of them. Meadows attacks the teenagers, wounding Shawn in the head and killing Evan. Shawn manages to escape, traumatized and still carrying one of Meadows' plague masks in his backpack.

Meadows' attack on Shawn and the disappearance of Evan draws the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester while leaving Shawn too traumatized to speak. The next night, while Shawn is trying to sleep, Meadows appears in his room, possesses the young man and forces him to put on the stolen plague mask. Meadows forces Shawn to return to his house, return the mask to its rightful place and then drill himself in the head. After Shawn's murder, Meadows' hides his body with all of his other victims.

The next day, Sam learns from Mike Raimos about the legend of Avery Meadows and where Evan and Shawn had gone the night Evan disappeared. The Winchesters went to speculate that Meadows made a demon deal or was actually a monster as reasons for his continuing attacks. Dean recognizes the plague masks Meadows wore from a news article as what Shawn had been repeatedly drawing. The Winchesters then learn that Shawn has disappeared and realize that Meadows is a ghost from Shawn's mother feeling cold spots when Shawn disappeared. The Winchesters realize that as Meadows was cremated, he is likely attached to something Shawn took from his house and he likely took Shawn there.

That night, the Winchesters travel to Meadows' home where Meadows' ghost appears and quickly threw the Winchesters around and attempts to kill Dean with his drill. However, Sam uses an iron crowbar to dissipate Meadows before he can kill Dean. While searching the house, the Winchesters find Meadows' masks and Dean realizes that Meadows is most likely tied to them.

Hearing Meadows start up his drill, Sam lays down a salt line in front of the room door while Dean dumps the masks into a trash can and begins performing a salt and burn upon them. Meadows attempts to enter the room by passing through the door but is stopped by the salt line. In response, Meadows makes the room shake and the salt line blow away. Sam attempts to shoot Meadows with rock salt, but he teleports away and then quickly returns to attack again. Before he can, Dean ignites Meadows' masks and Meadows ghost goes up in flames.

Moments after Meadows is destroyed, the Winchesters learn that the house is haunted by the ghosts of his victims. Dean briefly commits suicide in order to find out where the bodies are buried from the ghosts. Dean eventually finds Shawn's ghost and learns from him what Meadows did to the teenager. Shawn is able to reveal to Dean where the bodies of Meadows' victims are hidden.

Eventually, due to Dean making a deal with Billie, the new Death, Meadows' victims are helped to the afterlife by the Reaper Jessica. The Winchesters are able to lead the local police to the bodies, allowing Meadows' victims to be granted proper burials by their families.

Powers and Abilities[]

Meadows was a fairly powerful ghost.

  • Invisibility - As a ghost, Meadows was naturally invisible.
  • Thermokinesis - As a ghost, Meadows' presence dropped the temperature in a room, causing cold spots as noted by Penny Raider.
  • Ghost Possession - Meadows had the ability to possess a person for an extended period of time and was even capable of forcing his victim of killing themselves while possessed.
  • Ectoplasm Secretion - While possessing Shawn Raider, Meadows caused some ectoplasm to emerge from his right eye.
  • Super Speed - Meadows was able to move around at an incredible blurring speed.
  • Telekinesis - With a wave of his hand, Meadows flung Sam across a room. He was also able to open a door with his mind after getting rid of the salt line blocking it.
  • Super Strength - Meadows was able to knock Dean several feet with a single blow.
  • Immunity - Meadows returned quickly from being hit by an iron crowbar.
  • Terrakinesis - Meadows caused the ground to shake after finding Sam's salt line.
  • Weather Manipulation - At the same time that he caused the ground to shake, Meadows created a gust of wind to blow away a salt line.
  • Teleportation - Meadows was able to teleport quickly out of the way of a rock salt blast and then back just as quickly once the danger was over.


  • Iron - A blow from an iron crowbar was able to temporarily dissipate Meadows' ghost.
  • Salt - Like all ghosts, Meadows is vulnerable to salt. A salt line was able to keep Meadows out of a room until he blew the line away.
  • Burning of his plague masks - Burning the plague masks Meadows was tied to destroyed his ghost.



  • Meadows is the first ghost laid to rest by Dean Winchester on-screen since Bobby Singer in Survival of the Fittest, a break of over five full seasons.
  • After the Winchesters alert the authorities, the forensics people can be seen laying out skeletons on a tarp as the bodies of some of his victims.