Avalon is the homeland of fairies, which is governed by a king, Oberon. It is an entirely different world or dimension, similar to Hell or Purgatory. Individuals who travel here and manage to return to Earth, can naturally perceive fairies.


After being abducted by fairies and spending a short time in Avalon, Dean Winchester mentioned that all beings there were painfully bright to look at. It is likely that Dean only saw a small portion of Avalon, as the 'good' fairy Gilda describes herself as being from the Hollow Forest of Arkhmoor, located in Avalon. This suggests that Avalon has various geographical features almost like that of Earth. According to Dorothy and Men of Letters literature, the famous Land of Oz is a part of the fairy world. Time also moves slower in Avalon.

History and SocietyEdit

It is yet to be revealed how Avalon came to be. In this realm, fairies hold some form of society, which includes a justice system, the Fairy Tribunal, and a king, Oberon. Regardless of their classification, most known fairies appeared to cooperate with each other, as seen when at least two different kinds of fairies track down and attack Dean Winchester. Additionally, elves were seen to work with leprechauns in the context of a deal. According to a leprechaun, the Devil Fairy, a counterpart to Lucifer, also exists.

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Some fairies appear to be able to travel easily between Earth and Avalon, although some require spells and deals to cross over to Earth.

Humans can be taken here against their will as seen when Mr. Brennan made a deal with a leprechaun that inadvertently allowed all firstborn human individuals at least from within his in the town, to be abducted and taken to Avalon. Dean was later sent back to Earth, due to his reckless behavior. However, a fairy, specifically a redcap, was sent to punish him for trespassing into their territory. Some humans are also brought by fairies to Avalon for judgment by their aforementioned Fairy Tribunal. This occurs when humans break the laws of the fairies, such as enslaving a fairy to his or her own will.

A special part of the fairy world, Oz, could be accessed by a special key. Additionally, Oz could be accessed by venturing through weather disturbances characterized by vortexes such as tornadoes, eye of a hurricane and whirlpools, although anyone would rarely survive these ways.

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