Attack on the Human Colony is a battle that took place at Bobby Singer's colony in the Apocalypse World. It is a fight between the hunters of the apocalypse world fighting along a hunter and Nephilim of the main world against the angels of the Apocalypse world.


Following his being sent to the Apocalypse World[1] in his attempt to save Mary Winchester, Jack was found by Michael and his subordinates who discover he is a Nephilim and plot to use him. Zachariah uses Mental Manipulation on Jack to play various scenarios so he would open a rift for them to use in their invasion of the prime world.

Jack saw through the illusion and came face to face with Michael who overpowered him and imprisoned Jack with Mary. Due to the heavy warding of the fortress, Jack was unable to use his powers until finding a weaken spot which allowed him and Mary to escape. After escaping the two spot figures approaching them and hide, they are found by the people who question if they are human or a threat. However, one of them reveals himself to be Bobby Singer, a friend of the Winchesters in the main world. He recognizes Mary and decides to help them and they go to his Bobby Singer's colony which is protected from the angels. Furious at their escape, Michael dispatches Zachariah and his soldiers to find them and promises punishment for their failure.[2]


At the human camp, Bobby watches as Jack creates shadow puppets before realizing he has powers and learns from Mary he is a Nephilim and orders him out of the camp out of distrust.

However, Jack's use of his powers are detected by the angels who mobilize to attack the human camp. Alarms are set off, as the hunters prepare for fight with Bobby ordering Jack out because of his deeds. Jack is told to hide by Mary.

Zachariah tells his subordinates to locate the Nephilim and kill the humans. Around the camp, many humans and angels are killed with their screams being heard by Jack who decides to turn back.

At the camp, Zachariah kills several humans before he found Mary helping a little girl. Quickly disarming Mary, he flung her to the ground and demanded "the half-breed."

As Mary refused to comply, the angel prepared to kill her but Jack arrived and ordered Zachariah to stop. Zachariah advanced on Jack, who lifted him into the air, screaming, with telekinesis. With a clench of his fist, Jack exploded Zachariah into dust, killing him in front of Mary and Bobby. As more angels were spotted, Jack exploded them in mid-air, saving the human colony.


The colony gathers the injured as Bobby thanks Jack for saving the colony from the threat. Mary congratulates Jack which he states is because of what he learned from her sons. He then tells her and Bobby to truly save this world he has to kill Michael, a decision met with shock from everyone.[3]


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