The Attack at Bobby's House was an attack by Azazel's daughter in an attempt to secure the Colt from the Winchesters.


Having been conned by John, the demons wanted the real Colt.[1] At the same time, needing help to rescue their father, Sam and Dean go to old family friend Bobby Singer who is knowledgeable on lore.[2]


Bobby was alerted when he heard his dog Rumsfeld bark and yelp before going quiet. When he tried to look for Rumsfeld, Bobby only saw a broken chain hanging loose. A few moments later, Meg came bursting through the door, completely detaching it from its hinges. Dean opened a flask of holy water but he was flung away by the demon through telekinesis. Meg started to voice her anger and disappointment while advancing menacingly at Sam and Bobby, who were slowly inching away from her into the corner of the room. Meg continued to taunt the hunters, asking them if they thought she couldn't find them. Dean, now fully conscious, speaks behind Meg, revealing that they were counting on her to find them. Dean then revealed that they had lured Meg into a devil's trap, effectively capturing Meg.

With Meg now their captive, Sam and Dean tied her to a chair and began demanding answers on where their father was. Meg just taunted them and when Dean got a bit rough with her, Bobby revealed that Meg was actually a girl possessed by a demon. Pleased with this, Dean had Sam start an exorcism which annoyed the demon. Finally, Meg admitted that while she didn't know where Azazel was, John was in a building in Jefferson City, Missouri, but she didn't know any more than that. Despite believing Meg, Dean ordered the exorcism finished which pissed Meg off as she thought they'd let her go once she gave them what they wanted. Dean insisted on saving the girl Meg was possessing, but Bobby told them that due to her injuries from fighting them in Chicago, the girl would die. Dean was adamant that at least they could put the girl out of her misery and ordered Sam to finish the exorcism. Sam continued reading and eventually exorcised Meg back to Hell. The girl she was possessing, Meg Masters, was still alive but mortally injured afterwards. The real Meg thanked them as she had been possessed for a year and forced to do terrible things by the demon. She tells them that their father is by the river in the Sunrise Apartments in Jefferson City, but that its a trap and the demon had wanted them to know. Meg then dies of her injuries.[3]


Bobby agrees to cover for the Winchesters with the police and gives them the Key of Solomon, the book on demons he has. Meg's information helps them rescue John,[4] but the demon returns later to possess Sam and attempt to trick Dean into killing him in revenge for being exorcised here.[5]


  • This is the first time Sam and Dean use a devil's trap against a demon and are shown to have been previously unaware of what it is. Following their use of it against Meg, they start using it frequently against other demons.
  • Meg would be stuck in a devil's trap twice more in Born Under a Bad Sign and Reading Is Fundamental. Ironically, the second time, while she is possessing Sam, is under the same trap she was captured under here. She breaks free that time though because she took precautions against being exorcised again.
  • Meg is exorcised here, but later returns as a recurring antagonist in the second and fifth seasons, looking for revenge and then working for Lucifer. She returns first in Sam's body and then possessing someone else. Starting with the sixth season, Meg becomes a reluctant ally of the Winchesters until she dies in Goodbye Stranger defending them from Crowley.
  • During the Rising of the Witnesses, Meg Masters, the girl who died after Sam exorcised the demon from her, returns as a vengeful spirit controlled by Lilith. She reveals that after she died in the exorcism, her little sister killed herself and in her vengeful state, blames the Winchesters for both her death and that of her sister as they didn't realize she was possessed before that.
  • While holding Meg captive, Bobby shows an ability to detect that Meg is actually a demon possessing an innocent girl. Despite Meg being stuck in a devil's trap which ensnares demons, Sam and Dean are surprised at this news and despite the fact that their father suspected as much before going to confront Meg and Tom. How Bobby could tell is unknown, but it is apparently not difficult to do as he is surprised that Sam and Dean can't tell as well. How he could tell is never covered, but their inability to detect that Meg is a demon could be simply due to the fact that Sam and Dean have had very little experience with demons before Meg as shown with their lack of knowledge of devil's traps.


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