Atkins is a police officer.



Samuel Beats Up Officer

Sam beats up the officer.

A year ago in Bristol, Rhode Island, Deputy Atkins pulls over Samuel and Sam and asks them to step out the van. He complains that he can't get Roy Dobbs on the phone and has lost contact anyone else, when he notices blood on Sam's clothes. Samuel says they'll follow him to the station but he tells them to get into his police car or he'll arrest them. Amused, Sam doubts he would try to arrest two federal agents and turns to leave when Atkins, about to draw a gun, is stopped by Sam who brutally punches him repeatedly. He is left unconscious on the ground as Sam and a reluctant Samuel leave town.

Season 6Edit

A year later, Sam returns to Bristol to question the police about the disappearances. Atkins, now the sheriff, remembers him and immediately arrests him. He places Sam in a jail cell and mocks him for his stupidity in returning to Bristol after what he did. He questions Sam about "the bodies" and Roy Dobbs' location, and a confused Sam denies any knowledge relating to them. Atkins revisits the event from the year before and Sam asks if he'll believe that he doesn't remember anything, and Atkins says no but wishes him luck selling it to the judge.[1]



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