Athena Lopez is an undertaker who lives in Dodge City, Kansas.

History Edit

Athena wanted to go to school to be a make-up artist. When an unnamed ghoul going by the name of Dave Mather moved to Dodge City, the pair fell in love. However, she was unaware of his true nature and that he was robbing an unknown number of graves in order to feed himself.

When Sam, Dean, Castiel and Jack's attentions were drawn to the town after Athena's boyfriend Dave stole a watch to pawn in order to pay for concert tickets, she met Sam and Jack. She expressed confusion at Jack's presence, mockingly asking Sam whether his parents gave permission for him to be on a case.

After the meeting, Cass showed suspicion towards her position and possible connection with the grave robbings, although this was quickly dismissed since she would have full access to the bodies and would not need to dig them back up. They were later able to identify Dave as Athena's boyfriend.

Dave went to visit her, where she revealed her acceptance into school to become a make-up artist in Los Angeles. Dave initially was displeased with this, believing that what they currently had was good, and that it would cost them too much money to move to L.A. Due to this, Dave later robbed a bank, holding the employees at gunpoint in order to steal money needed to cover her expenses. When he returned to Athena with the stolen money, she was immediately concerned at his gunshot wounds, but it eventually turned to horror when she realised that he was behind the grave robbings and that he had killed Deputy Carl Phillips. Upon this revelation, she decided to end their relationship.

Dean later found her still in the mortuary, and upon seeing her panic, he revealed that Dave was not human, to which she responded with clear upset and fear. When Dave returned and held Dean at gunpoint, she pleaded with him not to do it, but he refused to listen. In the end, Dave was killed by Joe Phillips by blowing off his head with a shotgun, and Athena was left splattered with his blood.

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