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This article is about a subject that is from official sources but is not considered canon.

Aswang are a race of Filipino monsters featured in Supernatural: Fresh Meat.


Aswangs are shapeshifters and tricksters. They mostly take an appearnce of a beautiful young woman during the day, but can change their age and even species. Aswangs can live in the village with others and act like a normal human. Most of the time, that is not the case. They usually live in forests or other dark hiding places. At night, the upper half of the Aswang will detach from the lower half and take on the appearance of a bird-like vampire. They seek out prey, which is mostly humans. You can tell when an Aswang is near is when you hear it's cry. In folk-lore from the Phillipines, the cry can differ from other types of Aswangs-yes, there are different types! There is no one type of Aswangs. There are Aswangs that are called "Manananggal," which is a woman by day who detaches her upper half at night. They grow bat wings and preys on pregnant woman, eating the unborn baby inside. There are "Tik-Tiks", also known as "Wak-Waks," that are humanoid crows, and the only way to kill them is to pull the crow from their stomachs. There are "Busaws," who take on a regular woman's appearances, but at night they dig up graves and steal fresh corpses-sometimes they steal corpses from funerals. They tend to live in cemeteries. Lastly, there are "Bubuus," which is an Aswang with blood-shot eyes that makes the sound of a laying hen at night. Although there are many types of Aswangs, if you hear their cry-you know the Aswang is about to feed. And since they are tricksters, the farther away they sound, the closer they are.


In the Philippines, aswangs terrorized many villagers who eventually came up with a way to kill one: a specially created whip that could drag an aswang to the ground and kill it. A Spanish missionary recorded tales of the aswang in a journal which eventually fell into the hands of a hunter named Marta.

In 1863 an aswang made its way to America on a Spanish missionary ship. This aswang was likely seeking hunting grounds where fewer threats to it existed. After arriving, the aswang made its way slowly east across the North American continent, emerging to feed after long periods of time. In 2011 the aswang began working on laying its eggs and thus began consuming more victims. However, its victims were found and eaten by a wendigo who had set up in the area. To neutralize the threat to its meals, the aswang disguised itself as a hunter named Jason and enlisted the help of Sam and Dean Winchester and Bobby Singer to kill the wendigo. After the wendigo's death, the aswang was able to resume its activities unhindered but drew the attention of Sam, Dean and Bobby. To get rid of them, the aswang took a young wannabe-hunter named Jimmy to a nest of vampires and set the vampires after the Winchesters and Bobby. The aswang itself continued in its guise as Jason to keep close to Dean. The aswang was revealed and nearly killed Dean but a now-vampire Jimmy distracted it long enough for Sam and Bobby to rescue Dean. The three hunters then attacked the aswang, eventually managing to drag it to the ground with the whip that they made from the Spanish missionary's book. As the other two hunters restrained the aswang, Dean pierced its heart with the whip's stingray barb, killing the creature. The aswang's body then burned to ash. The three hunters were able to locate its eggs and used the whip to destroy them as well.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Super Strength - Able to carry Sam 15 ft into the air and rip off the head of a vampire with ease.
  • Shapeshifting - Can take on human appearance at will.
  • Invulnerability - Can only be killed by the Aswang whip. Though it can sustain serious injuries, they can't kill it.
  • Regeneration - Sucking in organs can give strength to an Aswang and help it heal even near-fatal wounds.
  • Paralysis - The saliva of an Aswang can paralyse and knock a person unconscious for hours.


  • Spice Concoction - A concotion made from various rare spices can burn an Aswang's skin.
  • Aswang whip - A whip that is coated with the above-mentioned liquid, having a sting ray barb tip for a hook and an enchantment cast on it can kill an Aswang. This whip is the only weapon that can destroy an Aswang's eggs too. Another condition for the whip is that, it has to be made of 2 parts hemp and 1 part seaweed.
  • Cold - According to the hunter turned vampire Jimmy, an aswang is negatively effected by cold. However, cold doesn't appear to be enough to kill one.



  • Aswangs lay eggs only once in their life. To do this, they must feed much more than usual.
  • Another peculiar thing about Aswangs is their wings. If the Aswang's wings sound like they are far off, it actually means that the Aswang is getting closer. As the monster flies away, the sound becomes louder and louder until it disappears without warning.