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Rowena's Astral Projection Spell

The Astral Projection Spells are spells that can be used to make a person astral project and essentially become a ghost.


This spell was used by psychic Pamela Barnes to astral project Sam and Dean Winchester so they can enter the astral plane to investigate what happened to the town of Greybull, Wyoming where no people are dying. Essentially becoming ghosts through the spell, Sam and Dean learned that reapers were being kidnapped by the demon Alastair to kill them and break one of the 66 Seals. Using their ghostly abilities, Sam and Dean save the Reaper Tessa before Pamela is forced to pull Sam back to his body to fight an attacking demon. After Alastair is captured by angels and Dean helps Tessa crossover Cole Griffith, Pamela reverses the spell on him as well before dying.

A second version was used by the witch Rowena to spy on Crowley from Hell.

A third version was also used by Rowena to talk to Sam and Dean. They weren't aware of it until Sam tried to handcuff her. This caused the projection to flicker and then completely dispel, revealing Rowena to be much further away from them.


Pamela's Astral Projection SpellEdit

The first variant must be performed by a trained psychic. The people who want to astral project must be laying in bed as their bodies are physically unconscious. Some candles must be lit to amplify the supernatural powers around them. The psychic later recited a Latin incantation:

Animum vult decipi, ergo decipiatur. Vis, vis, vis.

After the spell is recited, the soul of the person will be separated from their body. They then enter the astral plane where they can only return when the psychic reverses the spell.

To return the soul of the person who astral projected, a reversing spell must be recited to summon them back to their body.

Imum vult decipi, ergo decipiatur. Vis, vis, vis.

Rowena's Astral Projection SpellEdit

Rowena astral to spy
The second variant can be performed by a powerful witch. They recite Wings of Titania, bear mine eyes aloft, as I bid thee over an altar made of small bones and a piece of clothing belonging to the person they are spying on and their mind is transported to watch the person they wish. Their eyes will turn white after they cast the spell. They are then able to pull their mind back at will.



  • A witch James Frampton was able to project himself and bring Sam and Dean along without the need of an incantation.
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