Castiel: Hey, assbutt!
Lucifer: Assbutt, I-I-I still don't get that.
Lucifer (to Sam) about this word, watching one of Sam's memories
in The Devil in the Details

Assbutt is an insult formulated by Castiel.


Castiel first used this insult at Stull Cemetery. Upon arriving with Bobby Singer and a molotov cocktail filled with holy oil, Castiel shouted "assbutt" at Michael to get his attention before tossing the molotov at him, causing Michael excruciating pain. Dean repeated the phrase out of confusion.

Years later, at St. Alphonso's Academy where a Supernatural musical was being performed, a girl portraying Castiel used the phrase "Hey assbutt" during a scene.

While in Limbo, Lucifer took Sam through memory lane and the two visited the exact moment at Stull Cemetery when Castiel first shouted this insult. Lucifer admitted he didn't understand the meaning of the word.

Upon arriving at Limbo along with Dean, Castiel shouted "assbutt" again, but this time at Lucifer as a way of announcing his presence.

While confronting Lucifer at Club Meteor in Los Angeles, Castiel shouted "assbutt" to attract Lucifer's attention away from Sam and Dean, before attacking Lucifer with a guitar.

Michael later on un-fondly remembered Castiel calling him "assbutt" upon confronting him, using it as one of the things he believes Castiel to be guilty of against him.



  • The exact meaning of this insult has never been explained on-screen.
  • Ironically enough, although Michael, with all his flaws, was still a better being than Lucifer, he was more openly offended with the insult than his younger brother, as while Lucifer was dismissive and actually amused when called "Assbutt", Michael would count Castiel's insult as being one of the transgressions he committed against him.
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