I want you to follow me. Take the fight to them. To hit them before they hit us. We go in fast and hard and we fight. And we beat them down until they give up. Or until they're dead. Look they're well trained and well armed, some of us might not make it back. But we will win. And we will take down the bad guys, because that's what we do. They're scared of us. Good, yeah, they should be.
Sam rallies the hunters
in Who We Are

The Assault on the British Men of Letters compound is an assault by the American hunters led by Sam Winchester on the British Men of Letters compound to destroy the British Men of Letters operation in America.



Shortly after the Darkness left the Earth, the British Men of Letters made their presence known in America.[1] Led by Mick Davies, the organization began attempting to recruit American hunters to create "a world without monsters" without much success. Mick eventually succeeded in recruiting Mary Winchester,[2] but otherwise failed to recruit "the top-shelf" of American hunters, only getting hunters such as Pierce Moncrieff.[3]

Following the attack by the Alpha Vampire, Sam Winchester agreed to join the British operation, believing that they were doing a great deal of good in the world. He eventually convinced his brother Dean to sign up as well.[3][4] However, after learning of the existence of a Nephilim, British Men of Letters Elder Doctor Hess ordered Mick Davies to "assimilate or eliminate" the American hunters. After a failed attempt to kill Dagon resulted in the death of British operative Renny Rawlings, Doctor Hess had Mick executed by Arthur Ketch for not following the British Men of Letters code by killing Eileen Leahy and ordered the American hunters wiped out.[5]

As a first step towards this goal, Arthur tricked the Winchesters out of their bunker so that he could set up surveillance upon them.[6] Despite Arthur's attempts to hide his work, the preparing operation to wipe out the American hunters is eventually discovered by Mary Winchester along with the body of Mick Davies. She is captured by Arthur and subjected to extensive brainwashing by Lady Toni Bevell that ultimately leaves Mary under the control of programing that renders Mary completely loyal to the British Men of Letters and their orders. In this state, she is sent to assassinate fellow hunters.[7][8]

The British Men of Letters eventually begin an operation to kill all of the American hunters by, alongside using the brainwashed Mary, getting a hellhound from Crowley. Using this hellhound, Arthur kills seven hunters, including Eileen Leahy. The type of deaths, along with the lack of communication from their mother, draw the suspicions of the Winchesters. After receiving a letter from Eileen in which she states her belief that the British Men of Letters are following her and tapping her communications, the Winchesters discover Arthur's surveillance equipment and use it to draw Toni into a trap and capture her. Toni confirms their suspicions about the British Men of Letters activities while in the Winchesters' custody.[8]

Following a failed attempt to kill the Winchesters and Toni, Sam decides to rally the American hunters to take down the British operation before they can launch a massive operation to wipe out the American hunters. Sam is able to gather an assault team made up of himself, two unnamed hunters, Jody Mills, Jerry Hollister, Roy and Walt, but due to an injured leg, Dean chooses to remain behind in an effort to break their mother's brainwashing.[9]


As the British Men of Letters prepare for a massive strike against all of the American hunters and their families, Sam's assault team arrives at the British Men of Letters compound. Sam crashes Jody's truck through the front gate followed by three other vehicles containing the remaining hunters. Sam kills a guard immediately after emerging from Jody's truck while Roy kills a guard that emerges from a door and nearly gets the drop on Sam.

In the control room, alarms go off and Paige warns Doctor Hess that the perimeter has been breached. Realizing what's happening, Doctor Hess orders her men to defend the compound.

Outside, another guard emerges, but is shot dead by Jody Mills. A fourth guard opens fire with a machine gun, damaging one of the trucks and killing the unnamed male hunter. The guard is then killed by the female hunter.

Sam's team enters the outer area of the compound and Walt uses C4 charges to blow open the door to the inner part of the compound. Walt tosses in a smoke grenade and Sam's team enters, exchanging fire with two British operatives. Using the smoke as a distraction, Sam's team advances and Sam kills one before the other kills Roy. Sam kills the second guard and his team moves further inside, splitting up to cover more ground.

Climbing a flight of stairs, Jody is fired upon by a British operative but quickly kills him. Continuing with Jerry Hollister for backup, Jody sends Jerry one way while she goes another. On a railing overlooking a lower level, Jerry spots Paige who takes aim at him. However, Jerry fires first, killing Paige. Doctor Hess attacks Jerry, kicking his gun from his hand, snapping his neck and throwing him to the lower level. Sam eliminates another guard while Jody finds Doctor Hess as she retreats into the control room. Doctor Hess elbows Jody in the face and escapes into the control room, locking the door behind her as Sam and Walt meet up with Jody.

Doctor Hess contacts the British Men of Letters headquarters and desperately calls for an extraction. However, she is informed that they don't have the resources for an extraction at that time. At that moment, Walt blows the door open and he, Sam and Jody enter. Doctor Hess goes for her gun, but Sam orders her not to and Doctor Hess is forced to listen as she is too far away to grab the gun without getting shot.

Doctor Hess recognizes that Sam thinks the best thing to do is to kill her and sever all ties with the British Men of Letters but tells him that is a mistake. Doctor Hess passes Sam a file containing surveillance photos of Lucifer outside of Crowley's lair. Doctor Hess explains that Lucifer has escaped thanks to Crowley who is now dead and is searching for his son. Doctor Hess insists that the American hunters need the help of the British Men of Letters to stop Lucifer while the man she was talking to in London urges Sam to listen to her. After a moment of consideration, Sam refuses and pointedly shoots the computer Doctor Hess was communicating with London through. Enraged, Doctor Hess grabs her gun, but is shot through the head by Jody before she can fire.

BMoL compound explodes 1

Destruction of the compound.

After killing all of the British Men of Letters operatives within the compound, the hunters plant charges and blow the compound up as they leave.[9]


Following the attack, Sam returns to the Men of Letters bunker where both Lady Toni Bevell and Arthur Ketch have been killed, ending the entire British Men of Letters operation in America.[9] Sam shares with his mother and brother the information Doctor Hess gave him on Lucifer's escape, knowing that she is telling the truth as he recognizes Lucifer's vessel in the pictures.[10]


  • During the assault, Sam wields Soulless Sam's gun due to the fact that Arthur Ketch stole his usual one in There's Something About Mary. While not seen on-screen, Sam must retrieve his and Dean's stolen guns before destroying the compound as they are seen again in the Winchesters' possession in the next episode.
  • It is unknown what happened to the female hunter as she is not seen again after Sam's team splits up and her fate is not stated. She is presumably killed as she does not appear to confront Doctor Hess with Sam, Jody Mills and Walt at the end.
  • In The Raid, Mary Winchester states that the British Men of Letters compound is not built for defense, a fact that is seen again during the assault.
  • Ironically, in The Raid, Sam helped defend the compound from an attack by vampires.
  • In a deleted scene for Who We Are, Sam and Jody Mills scout the compound before launching the attack. Sam admits that the security systems are state of the art and then asks Jody about how good her insurance is. This leads in to the beginning of the hunters run on the compound's gates in their vehicles.
  • Jody's truck is possibly damaged to the point of it needing to be replaced during the assault. When Jody next appears, she has a different vehicle for the first time since at least Season 9's Rock and a Hard Place and possibly as far back as Season 7's Time After Time when she mentions having some of Bobby's files in the truck she is driving.


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