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This unnamed demon worked as a messenger for the Prince of Hell Asmodeus.


Having become aware that the King of the Crossroads Barthamus was going after Luther Shrike, the Prince of Hell Asmodeus sent this demon to warn him.

The demon warned Luther that Barthamus and his men were coming and that Asmodeus was not Luther's enemy. However, Luther recognized that Asmodeus only wanted to use him as bait. The demon warned that "Barthamus is coming Luther" and stated that Asmodeus only wanted Luther to call them when Barthamus showed "his traitor face." Luther agreed that he could, causing the demon to smile before suddenly beginning an exorcism. Too late, the demon realized that the carpet he was standing on was covering a devil's trap and was unable to escape from it. The demon desperately told Luther that he was making a mistake, but Luther continued with his exorcism anyway. As the demon was forced from his vessel and back to Hell, Luther ordered him to "tell your boss I don't take orders, I give em. If he or Barthamus or anyone comes near me, I'm ready." The demon was forced through a vent and back to Hell, leaving his vessel unconscious or dead on the floor.

Powers and Abilities[]

He possessed all the abilities of a regular low-level demon.


He possessed all the weaknesses of a regular demon.