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This unnamed demon worked as a guard for the Prince of Hell Asmodeus.


After Arthur Ketch is summoned by the Prince of Hell Asmodeus, this demon is guarding the entrance to Asmodeus' throne room. The demon stopped Arthur from entering the room, telling him that Asmodeus is busy. The demon admits to not knowing what Asmodeus is busy with and orders Arthur to ask Asmodeus for himself "when he's ready, which he isn't because he's busy." The demon persists in refusing entry so the annoyed Arthur asks for something to read before sitting down on a nearby bench.

Later, as the demon is busy showing another demon videos on his phone, Arthur is able to sneak past him into the throne room. Quickly realizing what Arthur did, the demon enters the room and nervously tells Asmodeus that he tried to stop Arthur, causing Asmodeus to express disbelief at the statement. As Arthur speaks to Asmodeus, the demon moves off to the side and watches.

During Arthur's rescue of the archangel Gabriel, he runs into the demon who is shocked to see what Arthur is up to. As the demon charges Arthur, Arthur stabs him in the abdomen with the archangel blade, killing the demon. Arthur is then able to escape with Gabriel.

Powers and Abilities[]

He possessed all the abilities of a regular low-level demon.


He possessed all the weaknesses of a regular demon.