British Man of Letters Arthur Ketch owns a black Norton Commando motorcycle.

The motorcycle first appeared in The Foundry, while Dean was walking back to the Impala after purchasing food from a store. He gave a comment of appreciation, unaware on who it truly belonged to. Mr. Ketch is revealed to be following the Winchester brothers using this motorcycle, and in American Nightmare, he follows them to Mason City, Iowa.

After the brothers let the psychic Magda Peterson go, Mr. Ketch follows her into the bathroom and kills her, while bemoaning the Winchester brothers inability to "finish the job".

The motorcycle's license plate is GK B02.

While Arthur drives a car for several episodes, in The Raid he uses his motorcycle to visit Dean at the Men of Letters bunker. Arthur continues to use the motorcycle when the two men go after a vampire nest together and then rush back to the British Men of Letters compound.

Following the death of Arthur, the motorcycle ends up in the bunker's garage, having presumably been used by Arthur to reach the bunker in Who We Are. In War of the Worlds, after escaping his bonds, the resurrected Arthur retrieves his motorcycle from the garage and uses it come to the Winchesters rescue from a group of demons. He then flees on the motorcycle when Dean tries to kill him once again.

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  • In The Memory Remains, Dean refers to Ketch's motorcycle as "the oldest, worst, most unreliable bike." However, this most likely comes from his dislike for Ketch as he was impressed by it in The Foundry.
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