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He can be unpleasant.

This unnamed hellhound is owned by British Man of Letters Arthur Ketch.


The hellhound inside its cage.

In There's Something About Mary, at Doctor Hess' request, Crowley loaned the hellhound to the British Men of Letters. The hellhound was then used by Arthur Ketch to kill Eileen Leahy. Following the arrival of the hellhound, Arthur appeared to adopt it as his pet, noted by both Crowley and Lady Toni Bevell. While Arthur got the hellhound to respond to Toni, she was shown to be disgusted and disquieted by his actions.

In Who We Are, the British Men of Letters compound is destroyed by an assault team of American hunters. It is unknown if the Hellhound was present at their base when the explosion occurred or not and thus whether or not it is dead.

In Golden Time, Eileen's ghost reveals that the hellhound dragged her to Hell after killing her.



  • This is the first hellhound shown to serve a human.
  • It is also the first hellhound shown consuming meat.