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Arthur is the manager at Oak Park Retirement Living.

Season 11[]

When one of the residents, Harold, dies an unusual death, Arthur is approached by Dean Winchester. He tells Dean how he heard a loud banging noise as he walked by Harold's room. He unlocked the door using his passkey and found his corpse.

He mentions the windows being locked and that no one was in or out of the suite all night. He later informs Dean how his wife left him after sending him a whole series of emojis. He responded by sending back a poop emoji. He admits to regretting his decision.

Later that day, Arthur and Mildred have a friendly conversation when, suddenly, Arthur begins hearing shrieking noises. Mildred can't hear a thing though, yet Arthur continues to suffer. He demands to get the noise out of his head. He becomes so desperate that he begins pounding his head against the window.

Mildred screams at Arthur as he soon falls through the broken glass and hits the ground. A Banshee follows him down and begins feeding on his brain. Mildred watches the scene in horror.