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Armament's shotgun was a divine weapon belonging to the god Armament during the Apotheosis in Corinth, Illinois.


During the Apotheosis, the gun was created by Mythmaker Renee Mendez along with the god Armament as his primary weapon.

After discovering his fellow god Karrion in an alleyway, Armament announced his arrival by blasting the other god in the head with his shotgun. As Karrion could only be killed with his own machete, the gun didn't kill him but the shot blew off half of Karrion's head. In the fight that followed, Armament tried to shoot Karrion again, but Karrion drained energy from his followers and grew fast enough to dodge the blast. Karrion then slashed Armament in the right bicep, rendering that arm useless. However, Armament was able to utilize the shotgun as a club, smashing Karrion in the side with it with such force that Karrion's ribs broke. After Karrion dropped his machete, Armament discarded his shotgun in favor of the bladed weapon.

Having witnessed the fight, the Winchesters realized that Armament only discarded his shotgun, the better weapon, for Karrion's machete because the god could only be killed by his own weapon. The Winchesters recognized that the same was true for Armament and rushed to his shotgun to use it against him. Due to the size and weight of the weapon, Sam and Dean were forced to operate the weapon together. Though Armament saw their actions, he was amused rather than threatened and leisurely advanced on them. As Dean braced the shotgun on an angle, Sam managed to fire it by using three fingers to pull the trigger. The kickback sent the shotgun twenty feet away and knocked out the Winchesters briefly, but the shot blew off Armament's head, shoulders and upper chest, killing the god.

Following Armament's death, the Winchesters witnessed the aftermath of their shot and Dean expressed an appreciation for the shotgun and how much good it could potentially do in their hunts. When Armament changed into a sphere of energy that dissipated, the shotgun joined him as all the gods weapons did when they were killed.


The shotgun was described as being quadruple-barreled and looking something like a cross between a double-barreled shotgun with two extra barrels attached and an elephant gun. The shotgun was oversized to fit the god it belonged to and was big and heavy. For Sam and Dean to use the gun, they had to hold and angle it together and Sam required three fingers to pull the trigger with difficulty. The kickback sent the gun twenty feet away while causing the Winchesters to have sore arms, but luckily not breaking them. The gun didn't need to be reloaded and Sam suspected that it was actually a magic weapon that only looked like a gun and as such fired pure power and thus needed no shells.


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