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Armament was a god of war created during the Apotheosis in Corinth, Illinois.

History[edit | edit source]

During the Apotheosis, Armament was created to be a god of war by the Mythmaker Renee Mendez. Armament was able to gain a number of worshippers that were made up of a mix of ages, genders and races. As a god of war, Armament armed all of his followers with guns to use in his battles.

As the Winchesters confronted the god Karrion, Armament arrived and blasted the other god in the head with his shotgun before he ordered the Winchesters to stay out of the way if they knew what was good for them. Armament attempted to blast Karrion with his shotgun again, but Karrion greatly enhanced his speed by drawing on his worshippers' energy, allowing him to dodge the blast. As Armament tried to track Karrion and shoot him again, Karrion rushed at him in the form of a blur and sliced through Armament's right bicep with his machete, rendering Armament's right arm useless.

As Armament was distracted by the pain, Karrion rushed behind Armament and sliced him across the back, cutting him deep and causing Armament a lot of pain. However, when Karrion attempted to strike him a third time, Armament swung his shotgun like a club and hit Karrion in the side with such force that he snapped Karrion's ribs. The blow also caused Karrion to drop his machete as he kept himself from falling.

Knowing that the machete was the only thing that could kill Karrion, Armament discarded his shotgun in favor of the machete. As Karrion charged Armament, Armament stepped forward into the charge and impaled Karrion through the chest with his own machete. Even one-handed, Armament proved to be too strong for Karrion to overpower and remove the machete from his body. Finally, Karrion died and Armament threw his body to the ground where Karrion and his weapon turned into a sphere of energy that entered Armament, giving him Karrion's power. With his own power boosted by Karrion's, Armament quickly healed his injuries from the fight.

The Winchesters quickly realized that the only reason Armament would've discarded his shotgun, which was the better weapon, for Karrion's machete was because Karrion could only be killed with his own weapon. As such, they realized that the same was true of Armament and rushed to recover Armament's shotgun to kill him with. Alerted to the Winchesters' actions by his worshippers, Armament was amused as the Winchesters attempted to set up his shotgun to kill him with as it was so big and heavy that they struggled with it.

Unconcerned with their actions, Armament made his way slowly over to the hunters and claimed to admire their misplaced bravery and offered to allow them to become Bound to him if they stopped. Armament threatened to kill the two with his bare hands otherwise and boasted about his believed upcoming victory to become the One and that they could at least console themselves with the knowledge that they had experienced his magnificence for a short time before they died.

Once Armament was within ten feet of them, Sam fired the shotgun which Dean braced at an angle pointed at Armament. The blast knocked the Winchesters out briefly while blowing off Armament's head, shoulders and upper chest, killing him. Shortly after his death, Armament's remains and weapon turned into an energy sphere, but as he had not been killed by another god, the sphere simply faded away into nothing. Both Armament and Karrion's followers departed the alleyway after the fight, either to return home or to find a new god to worship.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Armament was described as being big and tall like Karrion. His head had been shaved almost all the way down to the scalp, leaving only a covering of black fuzz. His face was clean-shaven, with a broad nose, a prominent square jawline and an aggressively jutting chin. He wore a tight black muscle shirt which displayed exaggeratedly swollen arms along with green fatigue pants and black military-style boots.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Armament was a powerful god.

  • Life Force Draining - Like all of the other gods, Armament could drain life force from his followers to increase his own power.
  • Super Strength - As a god, Armament was stronger than regular humans. Armament possessed a greater level of strength than even his fellow god Karrion when Karrion's powers were enhanced by energy drained from his worshippers and Armament only had a single working arm.
  • Invulnerability - As a god, Armament was invulnerable to most forms of harm. Blows from Karrion's machete could inflict injuries upon him, but Armament could only be killed by his own shotgun.
  • Regeneration - After absorbing Karrion's power, Armament was quickly able to heal all of his injuries from the fight.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Divine Weapons - As a god, Armament could only be harmed by divine weapons.
    • Karrion's machete - Blows from Karrion's machete caused Armament pain and rendered his right arm useless.
    • His Own Shotgun - Armament could only be killed by his own shotgun.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Armament was referred to as being "like Rambo on steroids."
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