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Dr. Aristede Percy was an Union military doctor.


During Civil War, Dr. Aristede Percy fought in Union side.

Sometime after 1862, Dr. Percy captured Jubal Beauchamp's Journal. From the journal, he learned how to recreate Judas's Noose. Later, he established secret work office in Mission's Ridge's First Pentecost Church and experimenting on it.

He also able to locate Jubal Beauchamp body and reviving him using Judas's Noose recreation, replicating his process. During the recreation, as revealed by Sam and Dean, he failed many times to make an exact noose, until finally able to make one working noose, but still imperfect. After resurrected Jubal, he later experimented upon him many things, which is currently illegal for medical standards, as he died many times after the experiments. Many times he was killed and brought back to life through the powers of the noose. Satisfied with the findings, the doctor eventually put him rest, buried him again. But now, he buried Beauchamp's remains in an iron coffin, his spirit held fast by a spell from which it could not escape. He also buried along with one of noose recreation as the binding of the tarp that covering his body.

Since the journal passed to several collectors until finally retrieved by Tommy McClane, it is presumed that Dr. Percy eventually passed away in late 19th century, or early 20th century, long time after his experiments upon Jubal.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic - Gained by after learning Jubal's Journal. By the magic, he was capable to recreate the Judas's Noose.
  • Necromancy - By recreating the noose, Dr. Percy's he was capable to reanimate Jubal's remains and experimenting on it.
  • Supernatural Awareness - Dr. Percy at least possessed some basic knowledge in supernatural. He know a way to trap Jubal's spirit by burying his body in an iron coffin.


  • Mortality - Despite knowing how to recreate Judas's Noose, for unknown reason, he not used it for himself. He eventually died sometime later.


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