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You know he wants to rule Hell. It's all he's ever wanted. I've been watching him for centuries, bowing and scraping to Lilith and Crowley, all of them. Just waiting for his chance at the throne. And now you're gonna give it to him? Do you have any idea what he is?
— Ardat reveals the truth about Belphegor to Castiel.
in The Rupture

Ardat was a demon who had a particular hatred for Belphegor and wanted him dead.



Ardat spends centuries watching Belphegor plot to become the new Ruler of Hell, waiting for the other Rulers such as Lilith and Crowley to be gone. Ardat grows to greatly hate and wish Belphegor dead, not wanting him to take power.

Season 15[]

In Raising Hell, after meeting Belphegor in the vessel of Jack Kline, Arthur Ketch reveals that he has been hired to kill Belphegor by another demon who described him as "a monstrous threat to humanity." Belphegor quickly realizes that it was Ardat who hired him and Arthur notes that Ardat really hates him. However, under the circumstances, Arthur chooses not to kill Belphegor as he is working with the Winchesters and figures that the information he was given was incorrect.

In The Rupture, Ardat, possessing Dr. Clark, tracks Arthur down to a hospital where she murders a nurse and angrily confronts the hunter over his failure to kill Belphegor. The two battle with Arthur eventually managing to knock the demon out of the room for a short period of time. Arthur grabs an angel blade and tries to attack Ardat, but is easily overpowered. After confirming that Arthur won't give up his friends for any price, Ardat brutally rips his heart out with her bare hand and shows it to Arthur before crushing it, killing him. Taking Arthur's phone, Ardat texts Dean, pretending to be Arthur wanting to help. Dean informs the demon of their plan and how Belphegor and Castiel have returned to Hell.

After Belphegor and Castiel get Lilith's Crook, Ardat telekinetically flings the Seraphim across Lilith's Chamber and confronts Belphegor, telling him that "I got a hot tip. A very hot, very British tip." Stating that she knew he'd be looking for a way to take power the second the doors to Hell flew open, Ardat kicks Belphegor across the room and draws an angel blade to kill him with. Before she can kill him, Ardat is tackled off of Belphegor by Castiel. The two struggle and Ardat reveals to Castiel that Belphegor wants to rule Hell and that she has been watching Belphegor for centuries as he was waiting for his chance at the throne. As the two struggle, Belphegor stabs Ardat in the back with an angel blade, killing her.

After Ardat's death, Castiel confronts Belphegor who at first denies Ardat's words, but eventually reveals that she was in fact telling the truth. Though Belphegor tries to seize power, he is killed by Castiel, foiling his plan. Dean later learns of Arthur's death from other hunters along with the fact that a demon most likely killed him, but the Winchesters are left unaware that it was Ardat who killed him.


Ardat appears to be sadistic as she enjoyed ripping out Arthur Ketch's heart and showing it to him before crushing it as a way of killing him. However, while she is evil, there is a limit to her cruelty and sadism as she doesn't want Belphegor to be in charge and hates and fears the very idea. To this end, she shows a practical side in hiring Arthur to kill Belphegor, although she flies into a rage when he fails to complete the job. She recognizes Arthur's unwillingness to betray his friends and though she ruthlessly killed him for this, the fact that she chose to kill him rather than torture the information out of him suggests that she respected his loyalty to an extent. She also only aims to disable Castiel who is in her way and then to try to reveal the truth to him rather than outright trying to kill the angel whom she proves to be a match for.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ardat is a remarkably powerful black-eyed demon, being capable of competing against the Fallen Seraph Castiel.

  • Demonic Possession - As a demon, she requires a vessel to walk the Earth.
  • Immortality - As a demon, she is immortal unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - As a demon, she is invulnerable to all forms of conventional harm. She took several blows from Arthur Ketch without serious harm although he was able to knock her out of a room for a brief period of time.
  • Telekinesis - Ardat was able to snap a nurse's neck with just a twist of her hand. She later flung Castiel across a room with enough to force to briefly knock him out.
  • Super Strength - Ardat displays tremendous strength for a black-eyed demon. Ardat easily disarmed Arthur Ketch and held him against a wall with just one hand, albeit while he was recovering from being seriously injured. She was subsequently able to rip out and crush Arthur's heart with just her bare hand. She was also strong enough to effortlessly overpower Belphegor with a single kick and later fight evenly with Castiel, a weakened Seraphim, pinning him against a wall and landing several punches at one point. She was even able to keep Castiel pinned while she revealed Belphegor's true intentions, even though Castiel was visibly trying to break free of her grip. 


Ardat has all the regular weaknesses of a demon.



  • Actress Sharon Taylor, who plays Ardat, also played Bobby's Crossroad Demon in Weekend at Bobby's.
  • Dr. Clark being her vessel rather than an alias comes from the nurse's reaction to seeing her which suggests that she was familiar with the real Dr. Clark rather than it being an alias adopted by Ardat.