They can die. We can kill Lucifer.
Kali after using a fake archangel blade to "kill" Gabriel.

Archangel Blades are the personal blades of the four archangels. They have the same appearance and characteristics of normal angel blades and are implied to be far more powerful than a standard angel blade, capable of killing any archangel, thus making it one of the most powerful weapons in the universe.


This weapon is a type of angel blade carried by archangels, that can kill any archangel. It's implied that it is a far upsurge when compared with the regular angel blade. Although never demonstrated, this higher form of angel blade can inductively kill hellhounds, demons, reapers among many others.


Season 5

  • This type of blade is first seen in the episode Hammer of the Gods. It's handled by Gabriel. Later, Kali takes what she thinks is the real blade, so that she can kill Lucifer. Later in the episode it is used by Lucifer to kill Gabriel.

Season 6

Season 9

  • In Meta Fiction, when Gabriel appeared, he revealed his archangel blade again to fight off a group of angels.


  • Gabriel and Raphael carry their own blades. Michael may carry his own as well.
  • It's unknown where Gabriel's blade is, it was last seen with Lucifer after having "killed" Gabriel. 
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