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The only known weapon capable of destroying an archangel. The archangel blade.
I don't get it. I don't understand how Lucifer could die and I could live.
Yeah, um, I'm thinking maybe it's because the archangel blades were made to kill the archangel within and not the person they um...
Possesses and uses to almost end the world twice?
Nick and Sam discuss the properties of the archangel blade.
in Stranger in a Strange Land

An Archangel Blade is an Archangel's personal blade. It has similar appearance and characteristics of normal angel blades even though they are far more powerful than a standard angel blade, as they are capable of killing an archangel, thus making it one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. However, the weapon is only effective in the hands of an archangel against another archangel[1] or a vessel powered by an archangel inside of them.[2]


This weapon is a type of angel blade carried by an archangel, that can kill archangels. It's implied that it is a far upsurge when compared with the regular angel blade. However it's power is only accessible if wielded by an archangel.[1] This appears to be limited to killing archangels as Arthur Ketch was able to kill a demon with the blade.[3] While powered by the archangel Michael who he was the vessel to at the time, Dean was able to use a blade to kill Lucifer despite the fact that Dean was in control instead of Michael.[2] Additionally, unlike angel blades, archangel blades are able to harm Jack, as Lucifer was able to cut his neck to absorb his grace. Mrs. Butters at least seemed to think that an archangel blade could kill Jack even in the hands of a regular human such as Dean, but this is unconfirmed.[4]

Unlike an angel blade, the archangel blade does not kill the vessel, having been designed to kill the archangel within only.[5]


Season 5

In Hammer of the Gods, Kali exposes Gabriel's true identity and draws from his jacket what is supposedly Gabriel's archangel blade and apparently kills him with it, intending for herself and the other deities to use the weapon to kill Lucifer. However, Sam discovers that Gabriel had faked his death and given Kali a replica that he'd made of the weapon since it really can kill him.

Later, Gabriel confronts Lucifer to protect Sam, Dean and Kali, armed with his archangel blade. As Gabriel talks to Lucifer, another Gabriel sneaks up behind him to stab Lucifer in the back. Seeing through Gabriel's illusion, Lucifer turns around, grabs Gabriel's arm and impales him in the chest with his own archangel blade, apparently killing Gabriel.

Season 13

In Devil's Bargain, the Prince of Hell Asmodeus reveals that an "important errand" he'd had to run was to retrieve an archangel blade he'd thought was lost forever, their one chance at killing Lucifer and the invading Michael. A confused Arthur Ketch asks about the lore stating that the blade is only effective if wielded by an archangel and Asmodeus reveals a captive Gabriel.

In The Thing, when Arthur decides to rescue Gabriel, he steals the archangel blade as well. During the escape, Arthur uses the blade to kill a demon. After reaching the Men of Letters bunker, Arthur hands the blade and Gabriel over to the Winchesters.

In Bring 'em Back Alive, Sam and Castiel learn from Gabriel's story that the Gabriel Lucifer stabbed with the archangel blade was just another fake. The real Gabriel had used the opportunity to fake his own death so that he could return to a life without responsibilities.

In Beat the Devil, after Lucifer is magically bound by Rowena MacLeod, Gabriel holds the archangel blade to his throat. Though the despondent Lucifer urges Gabriel to kill him with it, Gabriel instead smashes Lucifer in the head with the butt of the archangel blade, knocking him unconscious. Gabriel brings it with him to Apocalypse World, but arms himself with a regular angel blade rather than the archangel blade for the trip.

In Exodus, after Lucifer shows up at the Dayton outpost, Dean demands that Gabriel use the archangel blade to kill him. However, Gabriel refuses and the situation is defused when Jack gets upset and leaves.

Outside of the closing rift, Gabriel draws his archangel blade to hold Michael off so that the Winchesters can escape. Michael draws an archangel blade of his own and the two battle. Gabriel proves to be no match for Michael who stabs Gabriel in the abdomen with his archangel blade, killing him.

In Let the Good Times Roll, Lucifer uses an archangel blade to steal Jack's grace, rendering Jack powerless. After arriving in a church, Lucifer tosses his blade between Sam and Jack and demands that they fight to the death with it with the winner being allowed to live. Though Sam insists that Jack kill him, Jack decides to commit suicide with the blade before being interrupted.

Now the vessel of Michael, Dean arrives armed with Michael's archangel blade. With Michael powering him, Dean battles Lucifer, but proves no match for him, losing his blade in the process. As Lucifer begins smiting Dean, Sam tosses Dean Michael's dropped archangel blade. Dean stabs Lucifer in the heart with the archangel blade, killing him.

Season 14

In Stranger in a Strange Land, Lucifer's vessel Nick is revealed to have survived the death of Lucifer with his wound from the archangel blade slowly healing. Sam speculates to Nick that the archangel blade was designed to kill the archangel inside of the vessel only and thus it did not harm Nick himself, allowing Nick to survive Lucifer's death.

In Unhuman Nature, the archangel blade is briefly referenced when Castiel tells a nurse that Jack's father got stabbed through the heart and then exploded.

In Moriah, God plays with the archangel blade and comments to Sam that he hasn't seen one in forever. When God asks where they found it, Sam tells him that they got the blade from another world.

Season 15

In Last Holiday, when revealing her intention to kill Jack, Mrs. Butters draws an archangel blade, much to Dean's surprise. Dean takes the blade, but is annoyed that Mrs. Butters ruined the good thing they had going and wants to kill Jack. When Dean refuses to kill Jack, Mrs. Butters throws him into the dungeon, still holding the archangel blade.

Later, in an attempt to break Jack free, Dean hits the Supernatural Handcuffs with the archangel blade. However, the blade fails to break the cuffs and instead flings Jack backwards with extreme force into a cabinet. Dean then comes up with another idea and positions Jack in front of the door before hitting the cuffs with the archangel blade again. This time, Jack is sent flying through the door, breaking it.

After their escape, Dean retrieves his gun while Jack utilizes the archangel blade.

In Inherit the Earth, Michael kills a resurrected Lucifer with an archangel blade. This time, due to God giving Lucifer his own body instead of a vessel, Lucifer explodes into ash instead of leaving behind remains and there is no blood left on the blade. Holding up the archangel blade, Michael thanks Sam for giving it to him.

Later, during the flashback sequence, Asmodeus is shown holding the archangel blade as he displays it to Arthur Ketch.

Known Users and Owners


  • It is unknown if Raphael's blade was a regular angel blade or an archangel blade.[6]
  • It is unclear if there was more than one archangel blade. Though two appear in Exodus and Let the Good Times Roll, one is from the Apocalypse World while the other is the one Asmodeus acquired through unknown means. In Stranger in a Strange Land, while discussing Nick's survival with him, Sam calls it "the archangel blades," as in more than one.
    • In Moriah, its confirmed that there is more than one archangel blade when God comments that he hasn't seen "one of these in forever."
  • During Season 5, the initial appearance of an Archangel Blade did not differ from that of any ordinary angel blade. However, in the item's reintroduction in Season 13, the Archangel Blade was redesigned to have a different appearance. The new blade has a more spiral, drill-like blade. In Season 14's Stranger in a Strange Land, the blade is shown to have left a triangular-shaped wound in Nick's torso.
  • Although Lucifer was invulnerable to angel blades, Michael was able to extract his grace by using one, looking the same as a common angel blade. It was unclear if Michael used an archangel blade or not but Castiel was able to do the same in Beat the Devil, revealing that it likely was not an archangel blade. Later, Michael is shown to have an archangel blade identical to the one Asmodeus got ahold of, confirming that it was in fact a regular angel blade.
  • Gabriel and Lucifer are killed with the same archangel blade, the one belonging to Apocalypse World Michael. However, two different characters wield the blade to kill them.
  • Given the revelation regarding Nick's survival after Lucifer's death, its possible that Gabriel's vessel similarly survived being stabbed with the blade and is simply trapped in Apocalypse World.
  • Its unclear where Mrs. Butters got an archangel blade but she most likely found the one in the bunker and used that.


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