The Archangel Binding Spell is a spell that can bind an archangel for a time.


In 2018, in order to open a rift into Apocalypse World, the archangel Lucifer's grace was needed, particularly as the plan was to use Lucifer as a continuous power source for the rift. Working together, the archangel Gabriel and the witch Rowena MacLeod were able to use this spell to bind Lucifer, allowing the Winchesters to continuously drain Lucifer's grace to power the ritual.

While the bindings held Lucifer for awhile, he was eventually able to break free of them, breaking the spell.


First the archangel must be roofied with a drink made of white sage, a little burdock and a pinch of salt. The roofie makes the archangel disoriented and far more vulnerable. The caster must then speak an incantation:

Adligetur fera!

After the incantation is recited, magical ropes will wrap themselves around the archangel's wrists, binding the archangel and making him powerless and vulnerable as long as the bindings are in place.

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