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This unnamed reaper, known by her vessel's name as April Kelly, was hired by the angel Bartholomew to find Castiel. After seducing Castiel, she began to interrogate him for information on Metatron and the Expelling Angels spell. She was killed by Dean.


Early life[]

The real April was a human who worked as a waitress. At some point, she became possessed by a rogue reaper; this reaper was working for Bartholomew, who sent her and Maurice to find Castiel.

Season 9[]

April took in a homeless Castiel, feeding him and tending to his wounds. They both talked and connected on an emotional level. One thing led to another and they had sex, twice. In the morning, Cass' clothes were washed and he was searching for his Angel Blade. April then brandished it, indicating that she was not human.

She overpowered Cass and revealed her status as a Reaper, she stated her reason for helping him was to get his trust while the sex was her own pleasure. She tortured him for information on Metatron's spell. Castiel told her he didn't know what Metatron was doing and that he doesn't know the spell that he used to expel all angels from Heaven, but that as his grace was the final ingredient, he may be the key to reversing it. When the brothers stormed her apartment, she killed Castiel with his own blade. Sam and Dean attacked her, but were soon subdued. She then advanced on Sam before Dean fatally stabbed her in the stomach with the same sword. Afterwards, Dean prompted the angel Ezekiel who was inside Sam, to resurrect Castiel.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Possession - April possessed the body of the real April Kelly, using it as her vessel to capture Castiel.
  • Telekinesis - April used telekinesis to throw Sam and Dean away from her when they attacked.
  • Super Strength - April was able to knock Sam out with a single punch despite him being a relatively strong and resilient human.
  • Resurrection - As a reaper, April most likely had the power to resurrect dead humans; Dean indicated that this was the case when he claimed that he made a deal with her to resurrect Castiel. But this was a lie to prevent Castiel from getting suspicious of what happened.




  • It is unclear at what point the human April was first possessed by Bartholomew's reaper, but the reaper's words to Castiel reveals that it was sometime before she had sex with him.
  • April was the third rogue reaper to appear in the series, after Ajay and Maurice.
  • April is the only reaper who was confirmed to be possessing a human. Most other reapers manifest intangibly and invisibly on Earth, and can only be seen by angels, demons, and ghosts.