April Dawkins was a shy, chubby Truman High School student who drowned one of the popular kids in a girls' room stall.


April had tried to comfort Taylor after the jocks and cheerleaders rejected her from their table in the cafeteria. Taylor repaid her kindness by calling her a fat, ugly pig. When the two of them later ended up alone in the girls' room, April ignored Taylor's apology and coldly proceeded to bash her face against the fixtures and drown her in the toilet. Black ectoplasm seeped from her eye afterward.


After April told the police that she was possessed when the incident occurred, Sam visited her in a mental health facility. Although she acknowledged that she and Taylor didn't get along, she insisted that she'd never had any desire to hurt her. She told Sam that when she was attacking Taylor, she could see what she was doing, but could not control her body. When Sam asked her if she smelled sulfur or saw black smoke at the time, she asked him if he was crazy.


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