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Anubis was an Egyptian deity of the dead worshipped by the jakkals for centuries.


For centuries, Anubis was worshipped by the jakkals as their god. The jakkals, in particular the Monsour family for untold generations, took care of Anubis' body and performed the proper rituals to keep him asleep when Anubis wasn't needed. When Anubis' help was needed, the jakkals would perform the Rite of Awakening and Anubis would take a jakkal as his vessel for six hours to deal with their enemies before returning to his slumber.

In 2016, after Greg Monsour messed up performing the Rite of Renewal, Anubis began to awaken and take Nathan Monsour as his vessel. However, the jakkals were able to return Anubis to his slumber before he could fully awaken.

Shortly afterwards, the threat faced by the Monsour's from the Crowder pack of werewolves caused the Monsour's to begin preparing the Rite of Awakening in case they needed Anubis' help against their enemies. When Muriel continued to refuse to Awaken Anubis, her granddaughter Kayla knocked her unconscious and performed the Rite of Awakening herself. However, Kayla's inexperience and impatience caused her to botch the ritual which required exact ingredients in precise proportions in the proper order. When Kayla struck Muriel, some of her blood fell into the elixir, some of which Kayla spilled while pouring it into Anubis' mouth. In addition, Kayla rushed through the incantation, resulting in Anubis awakening wrong in a state that seemed like he was only partially awake and in a dream state.

Regaining consciousness, Muriel attempted to send Anubis back to sleep, but he took her as his vessel instead. Knowing that something had gone wrong but not sure what, Kayla told Anubis that her family was under attack by a werewolf pack and he had to "kill them all." However, in his state, Anubis took her command to mean that he literally had to kill everyone, not just the werewolves. As a result, Anubis immediately drained Kayla of her life force, turning Kayla into a pile of sand. As he prepared to leave, Anubis spotted Joshua Crowder and prepared to kill him due to Kayla's command, but was stopped by his chaotic and confused state of mind. Anubis remembered that Kayla had told him that her family was under attack by werewolves and decided to kill their attackers, the greater threat, before he returned to kill Joshua, intent on carrying out Kayla's order to "kill them all."

Shortly afterwards, most of the Monsour family arrived with hunters Sam and Dean Winchester and werewolf Garth Fitzgerald IV, a former hunter himself. Nathan explained to the hunters about the jakkals connection to Anubis and believed that Kayla had gone with him to fight the werewolves until Erin spotted the pile of sand that was once Kayla and they realized what had happened to her. Nathan realized that something had gone wrong with the Rite of Awakening and left Anubis not thinking clearly, but the jakkals refuted the hunters' questions about how Anubis could be killed as even though Anubis had killed Kayla, they still saw Anubis as their god who was eternal and could not be killed. Sam attempted to find weaknesses of Anubis through lore on the Internet, but couldn't find much and posted to mythology message boards asking for anyone who would know more before the hunters and jakkals went after Anubis.

As Greg and Morgan Crowder were surrounded by Alan, Sylvia and Spencer, Anubis arrived to kill the werewolves. The three werewolves quickly surrounded the god who struck out at them, but they were able to avoid his strikes. However, their wounded state slowed the werewolves down and Spencer was a split second too slow to avoid one of Anubis' strikes and the god dug his claws into Spencer's shoulders, Spencer unable to break free. When Alan attempted to intervene, Anubis sent him flying, heavily injured with a vicious backhand strike which sent Sylvia to the pavement when she tried to catch her husband. With the immediate threat dealt with, Anubis dug his claws into Spencer harder and drained the werewolf of his life force, turning him into a pile of sand.

Recognizing Anubis to be the greater threat, the Winchesters and Garth opened fire on the god with silver bullets, but he instantly healed the wounds and took control of the jakkals' neteru. Four impaled Sylvia with their rebar spikes while others attacked Erin and Efren and began strangling them. As two headed towards Greg and Morgan, they hit the zombies with an ice cream cart, causing bones to break and the neteru to collapse into piles of sand. Nathan and Marta attacked the two remaining neteru and clawed them down to the bone, forcing them to release Erin and Efren after which the Winchesters shot them in head and Garth tore them apart, destroying them as well. Anubis turned on Alan and Sylvia who avoided his attack, but fell under the god's mind control instead. As the werewolves tried to attack Sam and Dean, the hunters quickly killed them with silver bullets, having no remorse as the Crowders had committed evil deeds on their own.

Dean turned to Nathan for a way to stop Anubis, but Nathan knew of no spells that could put him back to sleep. Nathan warned that as the Rite of Awakening had been performed incorrectly, Anubis might not return to his slumber in six hours and instead could potentially remain awake and on a rampage for years or even centuries. Believing that the connection between Anubis and Muriel might be faulty as a result, Nathan attempted to reach his wife and get her to cast Anubis out to return him to sleep. However, Nathan's efforts failed and Anubis drained the old jakkal of his life force as well, though Dean noted that for a moment, there seemed to be a hint of sorrow in the god's eyes.

With Anubis turning on them and still no word on how he might be killed, the Winchesters and Garth spread out to face him. Though Anubis attempted to take control of their minds, the three were easily able to fight off his attempts at control due to their individual previous experiences. Dean shot Anubis in the head, heart and mouth with silver bullets, but they had no effect on him, not even causing Anubis to bleed. Next, Sam shot out Anubis' eyes, causing Anubis to shake the ground in his anger. However, Anubis quickly regrew his eyes. Next, Dean tried throwing his gold blade into Anubis' back, hoping that the gold, a weakness of jakkals, would harm Anubis in his jakkal vessel. Unlike the silver bullets, the gold blade caused Anubis great pain and to let out a high-pitched and intense scream.

With Anubis visibly weakened by the attack, the Winchesters attacked the god with their gold blades while Garth acted as a distraction and succeeded in slowing Anubis down to the point that he stopped attacking and went down on one knee with his head lowered. With Anubis down for the moment, Sam received a message on the mythology boards from an Egyptology professor stating that burning Anubis' body would kill the god and hopefully save his vessel. Dean ordered Garth, the fastest of them, to run back to the building with Anubis' body and burn it. However, as Garth ran off, Anubis resumed his attack by possessing the jakkals, Morgan and even her infant brother Joshua and having them attack the hunters who attempted to avoid killing Anubis' servants as the god recovered from his injuries. Dean was able to break Anubis' control over Morgan by shooting her in both legs and crippling her, but the Winchesters were forced to kill Erin and Efren in self defense and came close to having to kill Marta and Greg too.

As the fight continued, Garth reached Anubis' body and drenched it in kerosene before setting Anubis on fire. In Muriel's body, Anubis caught fire and burned to death, but Muriel died with the god instead of Anubis' death freeing her as the hunters had hoped. Though they'd stopped Anubis and saved Greg, Marta, Morgan and Joshua, the hunters were left grief stricken by their inability to save Muriel.


In his true body, Anubis appeared as an eight foot tall mummy with pointed ears and a dog snout.

Unlike most gods, Anubis existed in a twilight state where he was neither fully alive nor fully dead. Though Anubis possessed a body of his own, he did not use it to fight and instead took one of the jakkals as his vessel. Though the jakkals who worshipped him willingly gave up their bodies to be his vessel, Anubis was so strong that he could take a vessel whether it was willing or not.

While Anubis slumbered, he would be attended by his jakkal worshippers. Once a month, during the cycle of the full moon, the jakkals had to perform the Rite of Renewal to keep Anubis slumbering. When the jakkals performed the Rite of Awakening, Anubis would awaken for six hours, take a jakkal as a vessel and destroy their enemies before returning to his slumber. However, both rituals required precision in both the potion making and the incantation which had to be performed in ancient Egyptian. A mistake in either ritual could awaken Anubis early or cause his awakening to go wrong and leave Anubis in an animalistic state in which his mind was apparently still partially in its dream state.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Anubis was a powerful deity with many powerful abilities.

  • Immortality - Anubis was thousands of years old.
  • Possession - Instead of using his own body to fight his enemies, Anubis took a jakkal vessel. Though Anubis' vessels generally gave themselves over to him willingly, Anubis was powerful enough to take any vessel he wanted with or without their consent.
  • Life Force Draining - Just through his touch, Anubis could drain a being of their life force, reducing them to a pile of sand.
  • Super Senses - Just by smell, Anubis could tell that an infant was a werewolf and could smell its frustration and fear. His smell allowed him to locate where Monsour family was under attack by the Crowder pack from across the park.
  • Super Strength - As a god, Anubis was inhumanly strong and was able to make his vessel as inhumanly strong as himself. He was able to smash through a wall of plaster, wood and brick as easily as if it was tissue paper. A vicious backhand strike from Anubis caused a werewolf's bones to crack like shotgun blasts and sent him flying through the air with great force.
  • Necromancy - Anubis was capable of controlling neteru, a form of zombie.
  • Mind Control - Anubis was capable of taking control of the minds of other beings including jakkals, werewolves and humans and forcing them to do his bidding. Even an infant fell under Anubis' influence. Sam and Dean Winchester were capable of resisting this power due to their experience with other beings trying to take them over physically and spiritually and Garth, due to his experience resisting his animal side, could resist Anubis' mind control as well. Death and serious injury could sever Anubis' control over a subject.
  • Terrakinesis - After his eyes were shot out, Anubis caused the ground to shake with his anger.
  • Sonic Scream - When wounded by a gold blade to the back, Anubis let out an incredibly high-pitched and intense scream that caused intense pain to the humans nearby and made Garth and the jakkals, with their enhanced hearing, fall to the ground with blood coming from their ears.
  • Regeneration - When Anubis was shot multiple times with silver bullets by the Winchesters and Garth, he instantly healed his injuries. After his vessel's eyes were shot out, Anubis was quickly able to regrow them.
  • Invulnerability - In a vessel, Anubis couldn't be harmed by most means. When shot in the head, heart and mouth, Anubis didn't even bleed though gold caused him some harm in a jakkal vessel. Only by burning Anubis' own body could he be killed.


  • Gold - While in a jakkal vessel at least, gold can harm Anubis and weaken him, though it doesn't appear to be able to kill him.
  • Burning his body - The only way to kill Anubis is to burn his body.



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