Anubis' Abacus is a divine instrument that is used by the god Anubis to determine who goes to either Heaven or Hell. It's unknown if Anubis is the one who have to use it to work properly.


Using it as a medium Anubis can determine if one is worthy of Heaven or condemn to Hell. The abacus has 90 beads that change it's colors and positions when someone raises their hand above the abacus, at the end of the process, if the white beads on the abacus out count the black beads, then it indicates that the soul will go to Heaven. However if black beads out count the white, it means that the soul goes to Hell. It is not used to determine if deceased angels, demons and monsters go to The Empty (angels and demons) or the Purgatory (monsters) since it is the only destination they have.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Soul Reading - When someone places his hand above the abacus, it will move it's beads up and down to determine if the person is worthy or not to go to Heaven or Hell.
  • Lily's first "score" with the abacus, which would got her to Hell because of the murders against angels she committed.
  • Lily's final "score", which got her into Heaven after sacrificing herself to save Jack.
  • Self-Color Changing - The abacus beads change their colors between black in the bottom, gray in the middle, and white in the top as they move up and down.


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