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Antonio Miele was a man with a checkered past that was hired by Santino Scarpatti to steal the skull of St. Peter for him.


Miele had a checkered past, presumably related to thievery. Due to the village he lived in in Malta being so small, Miele's past was well-known.

In 2018, Seattle mob boss Santino Scarpatti hired Miele to steal the skull of St. Peter, a holy relic held in a nunnery in Malta. He paid Miele half up front to steal the skull with the second half to be paid upon delivery. Miele successfully robbed the nunnery, but was forced to knock a nun unconscious upon being discovered, which he apologized for. Within three days of the theft, Miele flew from Malta to Seattle and checked into the Patricia Hotel there, but instead of carrying the skull with him, Miele shipped it separately.

Miele's theft of the skull drew the interests of black market dealer Margaret Astor, collector Richard Greenstreet and the people of the village he lived in who sent Father Luca Camilleri to buy back the skull with all of their money, having realized that Miele was behind the theft when he disappeared so soon after the skull.

Greenstreet made a deal with hunters Sam and Dean Winchester to get the skull for him and Sam checked into people who flew from Malta to Seattle within three days of the theft. Miele was one of the only five people to do so and his checkered past made him the prime suspect for the Winchesters. However, when they arrived at the Patricia Hotel, they found that Miele had been murdered by Mr. Cromarty who had been sent by Astor to steal the skull so that she could auction it off. Mr. Cromarty ransacked Miele's room in search of the skull without success, interrupted by the Winchesters who he forced to handcuff themselves to the radiator.

Shortly after Mr. Cromarty's departure, the police arrived to investigate Miele's murder, presumably tipped off by Mr. Cromarty in an effort to frame the Winchesters for the crime. The Winchesters were subsequently captured by Scrapatti's men and Scarpatti admitted to hiring Miele to steal the skull, but insisted upon his innocence in the murder. Scarpatti made a deal for the Winchesters to find the skull for him and at Dean's insistence, Sam searched Miele's room and found the paper containing the tracking number for the package with the skull which had fallen beneath the room's dresser. The paper was subsequently stolen by Luca and then Mr. Cromarty.

After Luca was knocked out by Mr. Cromarty, he was found by the Winchesters who decided to help him retrieve the skull. Using the tracking number memorized by Luca, the Winchesters were able to locate the skull as it was retrieved by Mr. Cromarty who they followed to Margaret Astor's auction. Following a firefight that left, Astor, Mr. Cromarty, Scarpatti and several henchmen dead, Luca was able to retrieve the skull that Miele had stolen and return it to its rightful home in Malta.



  • When Sam is looking at the flight manifest with Miele's name on it, his nationality is given as American. Its possible he was an American living in Malta when the theft occurred though Father Luca Camilleri's comments made it seem that he had been living there for a very long time.
  • The positioning of the pool of blood around Miele's head and the lack of visible wounds on the front of his head suggests that Miele was shot in the back of the head by Mr. Cromarty.