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You don't have to be a fighter. I'm not, not really, no, we help in other ways.
Alex Jones to Patience Turner
in Wayward Sisters

Alex Jones, born Annie, was reported abducted in 2006 outside of Kenosha, Wisconsin. She was kidnapped by Celia and her family, and used as a blood slave and as a lure, bringing unsuspecting victims to the nest for her family to feed on. She ran away out of guilt for what she was doing. She has since been adopted by Jody Mills.


Season 9[]

Annie arrives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where she is arrested by Deputy Frank and thrown in jail. After getting a breaking and entering call, Frank leaves her alone and her vampire "brother" Cody arrives, having hunted her down. Scared, Annie cowers until Sheriff Jody Mills arrives and decapitates Cody with a fire axe. Annie refuses to thank Jody as Cody was her "brother."

Jody calls in Sam and Dean who try to get information out of Annie after determining she's not a vampire. Annie, demanding to be called "Alex," recognizes them as hunters and refuses to tell them anything to help them hunt her "family." Using her bus ticket, Sam and Dean track the nest to O'Neill, Nebraska and go hunting it down while Jody takes Alex to her family cabin for protection.

At the cabin, Alex refused to sleep or eat and coldly deduced that Jody's family was dead. That night, after Jody informed her that her grandmother, all that was left of her human family, was dead, her vampire "family" arrived and kidnapped her, knocking out Jody.

At the nest, Alex is surprised to learn that Celia forgives her even though her actions led to the deaths of Cody and Dale, explaining that she couldn't deal with the guilt of her actions anymore and agrees to be turned into a vampire when asked. Celia feeds Alex her blood and when Jody arrives to rescue her, she finds Alex adjusting to being a vampire. Celia knocks out Jody and tries to get Alex to feed on her, but Alex tries to spare Jody as she was so nice to her. Jody realizes that Celia lost a daughter of her own named Alex which is why she renamed Annie as Alex, to replace her daughter. Jody admits she was trying to do the same with her own dead family and Alex and Celia go to kill her. However, Alex injects Celia with Jody's dead man's blood, saving Jody to the shock and anger of Celia. Jody has Alex turn away and then decapitates Celia. As Alex hadn't drunk any blood, Sam and Dean are able to cure her.

Later, at Jody's cabin, Alex recovers from the vampire cure which leaves her sick for a few days. Jody offers Alex her support, telling her to know she will be there for her and that no one can understand what Alex has been through, having lost her entire family. Alex accepts Jody's support and points out that Jody can understand, as she is in a similar position.

Season 10[]

Jody had since adopted a rebellious Alex, who had since taken to smoking pot under the bleachers. While Jody is on a sheriff's retreat, she frequently calls Alex, the second call being her hearing firecrackers over the phone.

Season 11[]

In Don't You Forget About Me, as Alex leaves school with her boyfriend Henry, one of her friends approaches her, having heard that she and Henry are in the lead for Prom Queen and King. Alex and Henry joke about it before Mr. Phelps walks by and reminds Alex about a test she has the next day. Alex is then picked up by Jody who is proud of her for fitting into a normal life. As they leave, Jody notices birth control pills in Alex's bag.

Alex with Henry.

Returning home, Jody and Alex are surprised to find the Winchesters there, having been called in by Claire to Jody and Alex's annoyance as neither of them believes there's a monster around. At dinner, Alex tells the Winchesters that the weird things Claire has been hunting have been based on a crime blog, prompting the annoyed Claire to reveal that Alex and Henry plan to sneak off to Jody's cabin to have sex, prompting Jody to give Alex a highly awkward sex talk. While talking to Dean, Jody tells him that things were rough with Alex for a while, but she'd started to turn things around, even dating the most popular guy in school.

The next day, Alex and Henry arrive at school to find Mr. Phelps' body hanging upside down from the flagpole. School gets canceled as a result and Alex leaves with Henry and they walk along a stream. Alex is distraught by Mr. Phelps' death as he'd believed in her and because of the way he died and tells Henry there are awful things out there. Alex admits she wasn't always the good person she is now and has done awful things in the past, remembering the terrible things she did while with Celia and her family of vampires. Henry reassures her that he doesn't care about her past and they kiss.

That night, Dean calls Alex asking where she is and tells her he's coming to pick her up as the custodian is a vampire. Alex tries to leave, telling Henry he needs to go but he attacks her, revealing himself to be a vampire.

Alex is dragged to the vampire nest where she discovers Claire and Jody tied up to her horror. The custodian, Richard Beesome, explains that three years before in O'Neill, Nebraska he had rescued her from a "sleezbag" outside a bar and gave her a ride home where her vampire family attacked him and turned him after which he went home and into a bloodlust that led to him slaughtering his own family. Alex tearfully apologizes, telling Richard she had no choice, but Richard points out she could've left him outside of the bar he found her at. Henry and Richard explain that Richard wanted revenge and wanted to do it by making her suffer. To this end, he turned Henry into a vampire and sent him after her. The plan was that once Henry built her up, Richard would tear her down by taking her teacher, boyfriend, and family before they fed on her.

Henry tells her that his affection for her was completely fake and makes fun of her, causing Alex to spit on him. Richard drags Claire over to feed on her and Alex confirms Jody's story that the Winchesters are hunters who killed Alex's entire nest. Alex is unable to convince Henry to help and offers herself up to help Richard and Henry feed like she did her old nest if they let Claire and Jody go. Richard says he'll take her up on her offer before starting to feed on Claire. However, sensing Sam nearby, the vampires leave to fight him. As Henry fights Sam, Richard grabs Sam's machete and prepares to kill Alex with it. Before he can, Claire stabs him in the back with a crowbar, distracting Richard long enough for Dean to decapitate him. Freed by Dean, Alex confronts the subdued Henry who tells her he should've "tapped that." Alex punches him before Claire cuts his head off.

The next morning, Alex and Claire attempt to cook breakfast for Jody and Alex blames herself for Richard nearly killing Jody. Claire tells Alex that Richard wanted to kill her for what the vampires did, not Alex who had no choice and Jody reminds Alex that she was willing to give her life to save them which is good and is what's scary about family: it gives you a lot to lose. Later, Alex tells Sam she plans to go back to school and if other vampires come for her, she will be ready. Alex tells them that when she gets her life together, she may move on as she can't be around monsters. She then watches with Claire and Jody as Sam and Dean leave.

Season 12[]

In Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox, Jody tells the Winchesters that Claire and Alex are in Omaha at a Radio Head concert.

In Ladies Drink Free, Claire tells Sam that Alex is going to nursing school and she thinks Jody wants the same for her. After being turned into a werewolf briefly, Claire finally accepts that Jody and Alex are her family and leaves Jody a message telling her the truth. At the end of the message, after saying she's going to be hunting on her own for a little while, Claire asks Jody to "tell Alex not to touch my stuff."

In Who We Are, Alex arrives home in time to save Jody's life from a brainwashed Mary Winchester and to help subdue her. The two then alert the Winchesters and upon their arrival, Alex treats Dean's leg injury. Alex witnesses Sam rally the American hunters against the British Men of Letters and departs for a safe house as they leave, sharing a warm goodbye with Jody and telling Jody to "kick it in the ass."

Season 13[]

In Wayward Sisters, after the Winchesters have been out of contact for a few days, Alex contacts Walt and Donna Hanscum for Jody, but neither has seen the Winchesters. Now a nursing assistant, Alex also uses the medical database to search for signs of the Winchesters or Kaia Nieves, but can't find anything. After Claire returns home, she is angered when Alex leaves for work. At the hospital, Alex helps Claire locate Kaia who has just arrived and explains that she helps Jody sometimes if Jody asks. Alex makes it clear to Claire that Jody is always worried about Claire.

As the search for the Winchesters continues, Alex tries to convince Patience Turner to stick around. Though Patience isn't a fighter, Alex admits that neither is she but there are still other ways to help. After monsters from The Bad Place attack, Alex joins the others in fleeing and fondly greets Donna when she arrives to help. Armed with a pistol, Alex joins Jody, Donna, and Patience in defending the rift to the Bad Place as Claire and Kaia rescue the Winchesters. During the fight, Alex kills one of the monsters with several shots to the chest.

In the aftermath, Alex helps clean up Jody's house and joins Jody, Donna, Claire, and Patience for a dinner together.

Season 14[]

In The Scar, Jody tells the Winchesters that Alex is still working at the hospital. Jody implies that she often has Alex treat her injuries such as a broken wrist rather than go to the hospital. She also took home samples from three murder victims to Alex and had her test them with silver and dead man's blood under a microscope to see if they were monsters, but the tests came back negative.

In Damaged Goods, Donna Hanscum tells Dean that she has continued helping to train the girls to be hunters. Alex, despite supposedly not wanting to be a hunter, single-handedly killed two vetala, impressing Dean with the news.

Season 15[]

In Galaxy Brain, while investigating a dead cow, Jody gets a call from Alex about dinner. The two joke about who made it, Alex or Patience before Jody tells Alex that she thought they had a monster on their hands, but it appears to only be human on animal cruelty. Alex finds "poor Bessie" being clubbed to death sick and Jody orders her to keep the lasagna warming up in the oven which Alex promises to do before hanging up.


When Alex first appeared, due to having spent most of her life raised by vampires, she possessed a bad attitude and apparently low morals. As a result, Alex was willing, albeit reluctantly to lure men to their deaths at the hands of her vampire "family." After learning of the death of Jody Mills' family, her reaction was simply "oh, they're dead" and to ask how they died. However, despite appearances, Alex possessed at least some morality, having run away out of guilt over what she was doing and even saved Jody's life. Following her rescue, Alex continued to be rebellious for some time as shown with Jody's conversation with her and the Winchesters in which she is shown to be smoking reefer under the bleachers and throwing parties while Jody is gone.

However, at some point, Alex began to change into a more caring person. She focused in school, had a boyfriend and was much less rebellious towards Jody. After the encounter with Richard Beesome, Alex stated she could not be around the world of hunters and desired a normal life. Alex's caring side grew to the point that she started to go to nursing school to help others and treated Dean Winchester's leg injury when he showed up hurt.

At first, Alex possessed a strained relationship with Jody Mills and her foster sister Claire Novak. Part of her strained relationship with Jody at first came from the fact that Jody had killed her "brother" Cody and then afterward came from her rebellious nature. However, over time they became closer and gained a mother-daughter relationship. When Jody went to go after the British Men of Letters, they shared a fond goodbye and Alex told Jody to "kick it in the ass" rather than to be careful as Jody had expected. With Claire, Alex's relationship was strained at first and Claire believed Alex didn't like her at all. However, Alex's willingness to trade herself for Claire showed that this wasn't the case. Following the fight with Richard Beesome and Henry, Alex and Claire appeared to put aside their differences and become closer. It's indicated that the two developed a sibling-like relationship, attending a concert together and sometimes snooping through each other's stuff as shown with Claire's voicemail to Jody. When the two reunited when Jody called Claire for help when the Winchesters went missing, Alex claimed not to have missed Claire but said it with a smile showing that she didn't mean it. Though the two continued to bicker, it was with far less animosity than previously shown and closer to sibling bickering.

Though Alex stated a desire to stay away from the hunting life and to live a normal life, she only partially kept to this desire. Alex helped Jody on cases when Jody asked for her help, but also had a normal life and job as a nurse. Alex indicated that she helped Jody for Jody's sake rather than out of any desire to be a hunter. While talking with Patience Turner, Alex admitted that she wasn't much of a fighter, but she helped in other ways, presumably such as research or contacting other hunters for information on Jody's behalf. While on a hunt, Alex showed that she could handle herself and fearlessly faced down several dangerous monsters alongside Patience, Jody, and Donna, even killing one herself.