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This unnamed Leviathan first impersonated a young girl named Annie before moving onto Doctor Gaines, a name which the Leviathan was known by for the remainder of his life.

Season 7

Annie, the initial host, becomes possessed by a Leviathan.

After the Leviathans dispersed into the public water supply, this one infects and possesses a little girl named Annie who was taking a drink from a fountain at a park. Annie meets with Edgar, who orders her to get the other Leviathans under control since the boss doesn't want them to attract attention.[1]

Annie goes to Sioux Falls General Hospital and meets a surgeon named Dr. Gaines. After asking him if he was "Dr. Sexy", she assumes his identity and then kills him.

Annie becomes Dr. Gaines.

Now as Dr. Gaines, he begins feeding on patients in the hospital. He is noticed by Jody Mills who escapes the hospital. Later, Edgar comes by with two swim team boys and Gaines shows them the hospital as well as providing them new hosts. Gaines later catches Bobby in the morgue investigating a body, and Bobby shoots him, but Gaines is unaffected. Bobby flees the morgue.

The Leviathan's expanded jaws.

Later on, Dr. Gaines and the Leviathan Head Nurse are preparing a patient for surgery - or "dessert" as they call it. This Leviathan receives a call alerting him to the Winchesters' arrival at the hospital, but he is too late to stop Bobby from driving away in a stolen ambulance with Dean and an unconscious Sam. Three weeks later, Bobby reports that the Leviathans at the hospital - Dr Gaines, the head nurse and an administrator - have disappeared.[2]

Dr. Gaines before eating himself.

Gaines begins experimenting on humans to make them more compliant. However, a small number of humans react badly to the Gaines' experiments and become ravenous, cannibalistic creatures which go on to commit a spree of murders. These killings caught the attention of the media. Dick Roman shuts down the project and makes Dr. Gaines "bib" himself as punishment for his carelessness. This punishment involves Gaines being forced to wear a lobster bib and then literally eating himself starting with his right arm. After the punishment is complete, nothing is left of Dr. Gaines except a black stain on the bib.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Dr. Gaines possessed the abilities inherent in all Leviathans.

  • Powerful Jaws - Gaines possessed a set of large retractable jaws for use as both a weapon and for feeding. He was able to effortlessly eat humans and other Leviathans.
  • Super Strength - Gaines possessed strength superior to that of most angels, demons and all humans.
  • Enhanced Intelligence - Gaines was able to experiment on humans in order to make them more compliant. This however, was a failure.
  • Invulnerability - As a Leviathan, Gaines was invulnerable to most forms of harm. Bullets did not affect him.
  • Possession - Gaines was able to forcibly possess humans without consent.
  • Shapeshifting - Gaines was able to shapeshift with ease.


As a low-ranking Leviathan, Gaines possessed all Leviathan weaknesses.

  • Higher Leviathans - He was subservient to Dick Roman and was ordered by him to kill himself.
  • Cannibalism/Bibbing - Gaines was killed when he was ordered to undergo 'bibbing' by Dick Roman, and ate himself as a punishment.



  • He is the first Leviathan to be killed on screen.


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