Anne Whitting was one of the descendants of the patrons destined to die aboard the Titanic.


Anne Whitting's existence was made possible when the angel Castiel ordered his friend Balthazar to unsink the Titanic for the purpose of obtaining souls.

In 2010, Anne was a travel agent in Pennsylvania who was distributing holidays to Cuba at her Pennsylvania State Office. Since she was not meant to exist, the Greek Goddess of Fate, Atropos, orchestrated her death in what appeared to be an accident.

Atropos froze time and sent Anne's car keys under the office photocopier. When Anne attempted to retrieve them, her scarf got caught in the pull of the machine, and Anne was ultimately strangled to death.

The crime scene of her death was investigated by Sam and Dean Winchester who eventually caught onto Balthazar and Castiel's plan as well as the acting Atropos who set up Anne's execution.

Anne's entire existence was eventually reversed in the end as Castiel ordered Balthazar to travel back in time and allow the Titanic to make its collision with the iceberg which would destroy the ship and kill Anne's ancestor.



  • Anne was the only corrected descendant victim of Atropos' who had her crime scene investigated by Sam and Dean.
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