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Chef Leo after performing the ritual

e Animal Augmentation Ritual is a Pawnee shamanism ritual that allows the union of a human and an animal's organ to enhance the user's physical condition. It allows a shaman to develop specific animalistic characteristics by consuming specific animal parts.

Chef Leo, after he was diagnosed with Stage IV carcinoma, met a Pawnee shaman in the past who showed him a cure through the use of shamanism.

The spells he used, caused him to take on the physical characteristics of the animals whose organs he consumed. However, the effects were only temporary, which resulted in his experimentation in "combination therapy," which made him stronger and caused the effects to last longer.


The ritual required a piece of an animal's body part like which will develop specific animalistic characteristic as recorded in the spellbook such as wolf's heart, cheetah's liver, snake skin, etc. or even a whole body of cat. Combining a piece of an animal with other part of other animal (like combining certain part of baboon with black widow spider) may enhance the function. It made him stronger and the effect lasted longer than usual. After eating a certain animal organ, a spell has to be recited. The recited spell is in an unknown language (possibly Pawnee Language):

Rahuraar, sakuriisat iisat a ti'pah kaawakit. 'A tarahkista'u... a raah.


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