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This article is about a subject that is from official sources but is not considered canon.

The Angelus Iuguolo was a demonic weapon that can be used to kill angels. It is implied that there was only one weapon of this kind in existence, as pointed out by Uzziel when reporting to Zachariah.

Physical Appearance

Angelus iuguolo have a similar physical appearance to an angel blade. However, the effect of the weapon is different. When an angel blade is used to kill an angel, intense light explodes from the vessel, leaving the body withered. Angelus iuguolo, however, causes both the angel and their vessel to burn from within.



  • The weapon name means "Angel Killer" in Latin.
  • The effect of the weapon is similar with the Lance of Michael as both kills angels slowly and powerfully. The main difference is while Lance of Michael has various powers and methods of killing, this weapon is only confirmed to be capable of killing angels.
    • Oddly enough both weapons have killed a being named Ramiel. The Lance of Michael killing the Prince of Hell Ramiel while Angelus iuguolo killed the angel named Ramiel
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