Angels are a spiritual celestial winged holy beings native to Heaven. They are extremely powerful beings that were created by God. But although both angels and humans were created by God, angels are very different and far supernaturally superior to humans. Their true form is nothing less of righteous monstrosities with one to six feathered wings, four faces (one of which is a lion), and can be as tall as skyscrapers in New York.


Angels are extremely powerful beings in the supernatural world. Their true forms or visages prove fatal to most mortals, however, some special people can view their true visages without suffering lasting effects; demons also can't look at them in their true form without damaging their host. A key example of this: Pamela Barnes when she used her psychic powers to see the true form of Castiel and got her eyes burned out. Although not physically seen, an angel's true form has been seen as a brilliant white light; respectively, angels do have wings. In "Lazarus Rising", Castiel displays his two wings through his shadow. When Angels die after being stabbed by an angel blade, shadows of their wings are burned into the surface on which they are lying, as seen in the opening of "On the Head of a Pin" when Castiel finds a female angel dead on a street, and again when Anna kills Uriel and when Zachariah and Gabriel were killed. Also, in "Dark Side of the Moon", Zachariah tells Dean and Sam that in his true form he has six wings and four faces, one of them being that of a lion. It's possible that the number of wings an angel possess represents their rank or power since Castiel was shown to have two wings, while Zachariah, his superior, has six. Angels' true forms also appear to be very large, as evidenced when Castiel states that his true form is "about the size of your Chrysler building".

Anna Milton describes angels as being emotionless, not permitted to have feelings or free will. She even goes on to compare angels to marble statues, in the sense that they're both powerful, cold, loyal and have no choice. Despite being an angel herself, this description that Anna gave to Dean has been proven wrong, or frequently violated. Castiel has shown loyalty to the Winchester brothers and regret when he was ordered to kill Anna. Gabriel has shown anger and love towards his brothers, Michael and Lucifer, in "Changing Channels". In "Dark Side of the Moon", Zachariah shows signs of anger and pride. In "My Bloody Valentine", cupids are shown to be very cheerful and love giving hugs. To be more accurate, it's not that angels are incapable of human emotions, rather the majority of them choose not to show emotion as emotions are considered doorways to doubt, and they are not permitted to display emotions for the same reasons.

Angels consider themselves family to one another, referring to each other as brothers and sisters. The angels also refer to God as their father. Even though God is their father, the majority of the angel population has never actually met God or seen his true face. According to Anna Milton, only four angels have actually met God and seen his true face. These four are said to be the archangels.

Unlike humans, angels do not reproduce. Anna tells Dean that one of the things that humans have that angels don't is sex. Dean even describes angels as "Ken dolls" meaning that the only way for them to have sex is to possess a human.


Archangels are extremely powerful celestial beings that were created by God, and are imbued with immense power and authority. They were made before the other angels, and were born in this order: Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel. It has been insinuated that the four archangels are the four angels that Anna describes that have seen God. Their true visages prove destructive and overwhelming to mortals and prove fatal in some instances. Most mortal vessels can't properly contain them, and because of this, they require their true, predestined vessels in order to stay within a vessel for as long as needed because other vessels will eventually decompose and degrade from an essence of an archangel. Castiel pronounces them as being fierce and absolute, but not very just. Michael and Raphael are tethered to prophets, and will intervene when a prophet is in danger and or when one tries to manipulate prophecy. All archangels possess abilities inherent in all angels but at an elevated level, and possess other, more special abilities that angels are incapable of using. But like the rest of the angels, they are tied down to rules of fate set by god and have to be careful what power to use and when. The natural order has a way of responding to their actions.


Seraphs are angelic beings that were created by God and were born in Heaven. Not much is known about them in Canon other then the complexion of their true visage which consists of: four different faces of earthly animals (one of a lion) and six enormous wings. Their ranking within the Host remains undefined although they might be higher than normal angels. Zachariah is an example of a Seraph.


Cupids, also called Cherubs in the celestial chain or sphere, are ordered as third class angels. They all follow Heaven's orders, particularly serving Michael. In their occupation, they are responsible for manipulating affection in certain, special bloodlines likewise with Dean and Sam.

Fallen Angels

There are two types of angels that considered fallen angels. The first category of fallen angels are angels that disobeyed the will of God and refused to bow down to humanity. These angels were led by Lucifer, but eventually cast out of Heaven and thrown into Hell by the Archangel Michael. It is believed that many of these fallen angels were changed into powerful demons. Most, if not all, angels think that no angel should bow down to any life form that is as more powerful to them, and want to only obey God and God alone.

The second category of fallen angels are angels that have voluntarily left Heaven of their own free will. Instead of being thrown into Hell, these angels fall to Earth. When they "fall" to Earth, the angels can either possess a human keeping their powers or remove their grace, the source of an angel's power, and become human. It is possible for the fallen angels that became human to regain their grace and reclaim angelic powers once again. Although these angels willingly left Heaven and weren't forced out, they are still considered traitors among their brothers and sisters in Heaven.

All fallen angels are either permanently exiled from Heaven or wanted captured or killed. Due to being separated from Heaven, fallen angels are less powerful than they would be if they were connected to Heaven. The exception to this might be archangels. Both Lucifer, who was forcibly cast out of Heaven, and Gabriel, who willingly left Heaven, seemed to retain a huge amount of power regardless of the fact they were both cut off from Heaven.

Powers & Abilities

Celestials are extremely powerful beings that possess a wide range of powers and abilities. Firstly, inside vessels, angels greatly elevate the natural attributes of their host. Although, archangels are much more particular with whom they can occupy, as they specifically require the bodies of their respective true vessels, as other mortal vessels will eventually wither and decompose or even get destroyed while containing an archangel, as demonstrated with Nick while hosting Lucifer. Archangels possess all the abilities inherent in every angel but to a higher degree, as well as other, more special abilities that most angels are incapable of using or possessing like weather manipulation, control over the elements and they all possess a more wide knowledge and understanding of the Universe than even applied with angels. The following list documents their powers and abilities:

  • Angelic Possession (displayed by all angels) - Like demons, angels have the ability to possess human beings. But unlike demons, angels must bear the permission of the host before they can claim his or her body. Many angels don't randomly select a human to use, as they generally inhabit humans of special lineages. This ability seems to be the core where all their physical abilities manifest from.
  • Teleportation (displayed by all angels) - Angels have the ability to teleport instantly anywhere in the world as long as the area is not protected by Enochian sigils. Whenever they teleport, the sound of wing flapping and a wind breeze can be heard. Although, angels can appear silently if they so choose. They also have the ability to teleport others with them. Angels can also teleport others to a location without actually having to go to the location themselves. Anna Milton also suggested that angels have the ability to teleport anywhere throughout the universe since she said that she would scatter Sam's cells across the universe to prevent Lucifer from bringing him back to life
  • Telekinesis (displayed by all angels) - Angels have the ability to move objects with their mind and hand. Their telekinesis is powerful enough to throw beings across a room, break a human's neck, or pin them to a wall. It seems angelic telekinesis can be refined to a point where angels can unscrew several screws of a pipe, which was displayed by Castiel. Castiel also showed that he mastered his telekinesis to a such a high degree that he was able to engrave Enochian sigils into the ribs of the Winchester brothers without breaking their flesh. archangels posses a stronger verson of this power they can also shatter houses, windows and doors at will.
  • Superhuman Strength (displayed by all angels) - Angels, greatly elevate and increase the physical strength and endurance of their vessels. Due to this and other factors, humans can't engage in combat with an angel unless their are armed with an angelic weapon. Archangels are far more stronger even for normal angels to take on and can overpower them with ease.
  • Killing Touch (displayed by Castiel & Uriel) - Angels have the ability to kill and exorcise demons by placing their hand upon their forehead. This ability is limited with lower ranked angels. Extremely powerful demons are immune to this power when a lower ranked angel like Castiel was unable to kill Alastair, a white-eyed demon. Castiel has shown that this ability can be used to prevent a demon from escaping its host and forcing the demon back into its human body
  • Induced Sedation (displayed by Castiel & Michael) - Angels have the ability to make humans go unconscious by placing two fingers upon their forheads
  • Invulnerability (displayed by all angels) - Angels enhance the endurance to pain and the immunity systems of their human vessels. Angels are unaffected by all ailments, physical or otherwise. Although angels can become drunk but it takes extremely large amount of alcohol, an amount that would kill a normal human being easily. An example of enhanced endurance is when Uriel was completely unfazed when Castiel punched him through a brick wall. or when castiel was shot by Dean's shotgun and even stabbed with Ruby's knife. they are resistant to harm and damage. archangels have a stronger verson of this power as they are almost invincible to any attacks.
  • Voice Mimicry (displayed by both Castiel and Anna) - Angels have the ability to sound like any human they choose as shown when Castiel perfectly mimicked Bobby Singer's and deans voice, and also when Anna mimicked John Winchester´s employer.
  • Healing (displayed by all angels) - Angels have the ability to heal any wound, scar, disability, or ailment that another person has. When angels are disconnected from Heaven, this is one of first powers they lose as shown by Castiel's defection from Heaven. an exception are archangels. Angels, inside vessels, enhance the regenerative abilities and system of their human vessels so that any damage that comes to them there bodies are there healed. Angels can also stop their vessels from aging and withering. archangels can heal in seconds from any damage.
  • Resurrection (displayed by Castiel, Zachariah, Joshua, & Michael) - Angels have the ability to bring back to life anyone they choose, regardless if the person's soul is in Heaven or Hell. Though if the person's soul is in Hell, an angel must go into Hell and retrieve the soul. If the resurrected person had their body cremated or burned, angels can recreate the body. When an angel resurrects a human, all the scars or wounds the body previously had will be gone but an imprint of the angel's hand will be on the body. It seems that this ability does have its limitations, it seems that for an angel to recreate the body of a person, the angel must know the whereabouts of every cell of the person. although archangels can easily resurrect or recreate someone.
  • Time Manipulation (displayed by all angels) - Angels have the ability to go back and forward through time. They also have the ability to time travel with others. According to Castiel, this is one of their most powerful abilites and is extremely hard to accomplish even when connected to Heaven and when disconnected from Heaven it's nearly impossible for them. This ability seems easier for archangels as they can also control time. Also, an angel's ability of time manipulation extends to the angel stopping the aging process of his or her host. As soon as an angel possesses a human, the body of the human vessel completely stops aging so that when the angel leaves their human host, their body is in the same condition as it was when the angel possessed the human
  • Telepathy (displayed by Anna, Zachariah, Castiel and Micheal) - Angels have the ability to communicate using their minds and read the minds of others. This ability also allows angels to enter the dreams of a person as well
  • Memory Manipulation (displayed by Zachariah & Michael) - Angels have the ability to take away and restore a human's memories. Angels can also implant fake memories into a human as well. Zachariah showed that angels can take away all the memories of a human making him or her forget his or her entire life
  • Immortality (displayed by all angels) - Although angels can die, they are essentially immortal due to the fact that neither disease, viruses, nor time can kill them. They don't need to breathe, eat, or sleep to sustain themselves.
  • Supernatural Perception & Senses (displayed by Anna and Castiel) - Angels have the ability to see and sense the true faces of demons, reapers and other things not visible to humans.
  • Soulreading (displayed by Castiel) - By reaching into a human's chest, an angel can read marks left on the human's soul by another angel. This procedure is very painful for the human, but leaves little physical damage
  • Photographic Memory (displayed by Castiel) - According to Castiel, the name of every prophet in existence is in engraved into the memory of every angel. Castiel was able to tell that Leah, the Whore of Babylon, is not a prophet
  • Reality Warping (displayed by Gabriel & Zachariah) - Angels have the ability to create anything out of thin air. While Zachariah showed that he was able to create advanced stages of diseases within a person, Gabriel has shown the ability to create living beings, identical copys of himself, worlds, and imaginary realities out of nothing
  • Astral Projection (displayed by Castiel) - Castiel appeared to be capable of projecting at least a portion of his true self from his host, as at the end of "Lazarus Rising", he was able to display the shadows of his wings to Dean as proof that he was in fact what he claimed

Archangel Powers

The following powers have been displayed by only archangels:

  • Pyrokinesis/Pyrogenism (displayed by Michael & Gabriel) - Michael has shown the ability to kill another angel by setting her ablaze from the inside. Gabriel also demonstrated this when he made flames appear on two candles just by snapping his fingers. Castiel later displayed this ability after he was resurrected by God a second time and made stronger than he was before.
  • Cryokinesis (displayed by Lucifer) - Lucifer has shown the ability to freeze objects with his breath
  • Electrokinesis (displayed by Raphael) - When Raphael first appeared before Dean and Castiel surges of electricity were coming out of his back
  • Molecular Combustion (displayed by Lucifer) - With a snap of his fingers, Lucifer was able to speed up Casitel's molecules to the point where it caused him to explode
  • Weather Manipulation (displayed by Lucifer, Michael & Raphael) - When all three of these archangels arrived on Earth, they disrupted the normal weather patterns of the area they arrived in causing blackouts and disasters.
  • Holy White Light (displayed by Michael, Lucifer & Raphael) - This ability looks very similar to Lilith's demonic white energy blast, but is far more powerful. Raphael used this ability to make Castiel explode into several small pieces. Castiel used this ability to kill several monsters at the same time.
  • Shapeshifting (displayed by Lucifer and Gabriel) - Archangels can change their shape or form to anything or anyone they choose.
  • Granting Invulnerability (displayed by Raphael) - Archangels are able to grant invulnerability to angelic powers. Raphael made Crowley immune to Castiel's killing touch


  • Matchmaking - Certain types of angels in the Cherub class, e.g. Cupids, can bring couples together by marking their hearts


Angels are very hard to kill. The methods that are used to hurt or kill demons and humans will not affect them at all. In "On the Head of a Pin", Uriel states that the only thing that can kill an angel is another angel. Although there are not many known, there are methods to stop or kill an angel. archangels are almost impossible to kill.

Blood seal

Blood seal

  • Blood Seal - If a person places his or her hand upon this blood seal that is placed upon a solid surface then all angels in the immediate area will be banished away. An angel can activate this seal as well. If an angel activates the seal then the angel who activates the seal will not be banished along with the other angels in the area. The blood seal can also be place upon a person's body. If an angel activates the seal this way, he or she will be banished along with the other angels.

Castiel being exorcised

Castiel having the exorcism chant used on him

  • Exorcism Chant - There is an exorcism chant to expel angels from their human vessels and send them back to heaven. It seems that the chant is not well known as only one demon, Alastair, has ever used it.

Gabriel trapped

Circle of holy fire trapping the Archangel Gabriel

  • Holy Fire - The best way to trap an angel is to place them within a circle of burning holy oil. The angel will not be able to leave the circle. It should be noted that a circle of holy fire is not the equivalent to a devil's trap. When in the circle, the angel still has use of their abilities and are able to move, they merely choose not to leave the circle out fear of touching the holy fire. If an angel touches holy fire then not only will the human vessel be destroyed and die, a low ranking angel can be killed as well. Michael and the other archangels however are resistant to the holy fire and couldn't be killed by it. Most likely as they are the most powerful angels. An angel trapped in a circle of holy fire don't appear to be able to use their powers to put out the fire.

Angel blade

Castiel killing an angel with an angelic blade

  • Angelic Blade - An angel can be killed by stabbing him or her with an angelic blade. It seems that the angel must be stabbed in a vital area of the human body, such as the head, heart, neck, or stomach. When an angel is stabbed by an angelic blade, a burst of bright, white light is released and angel wings are burned on the surface underneath the body of the angel's human vessel
    Uriel dead

    Uriel's body after being killed by an angelic blade

    • Archangel Blade - Archangels seem to have their own angelic blades that are more powerful than normal angelic blades. It seems that a archangel blade is capable of killing both normal angels and archangels as shown when Lucifer killed Gabriel with his own blade. although it seems he had to be stabbed in the heart to be killed.

  • Lucifer's Cage - Strong enough to securely contain normal angels and archangels; it currently is holding the two strongest archangels in existence, Michael and Lucifer
  • Enochian Sigils - When Enochian sigils are placed on humans' rib cages, they prevent any angel from detecting and finding them however archangels seem resistant to this ability. They can also be used to prevent angels from entering a building by painting them on the building's walls.
  • Hex Bags - Hex bags can used to prevent angels from detecting and finding someone.
  • Weapons of Heaven - Harm angels and archangels; so far it's been shown that a weapon of heaven can destroy an archangel's human vessel so that it can not be resurrected as seen with Donnie Finnerman, the true vessel of Raphael
  • Colt (Possibly) - Castiel believed that the Colt was the only thing that could possibly kill Lucifer. Although, a shot to the head failed to kill Lucifer meaning it cant kill other archangels, it can still be implied that the Colt is capable of killing normal angels, such as Castiel himself
  • Death's Scythe (Possibly) - Although it has not been seen, this item is rumored to have the power to reap any being, whether it be human, demon, angel, or even Death.

Known Angels





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