Angela Sullivan was a resident of Texhoma, Texas.


Angela grew up in Texhoma, Texas where she was best friends with Sally Anderson. According to the local sheriff, like many of the town's residents, Angela dreamed of leaving home and moving to the big city. By 2019, she was a student at the University of Texas.

One night in late 2019, Angela visited Swayze's Bar with Sally. Angela was eventually able to drag a drunk Angela from the bar and refused her friend's pleas to go to a party. However, Sally became sick and had to vomit near the bar, annoying Angela. As Angela waited for her friend near the bar, she was kidnapped by Lee Webb who managed to move Angela's car before Sally could turn around and see what happened. Tying Angela to a chair in his basement, Lee drained her blood and fed it to his Marid, eventually killing Angela from the blood loss. Subsequently, Lee placed Angela's body in her trunk and hid the car in a nearby junkyard.

After Angela's strange disappearance, Sally became convinced that Angela had been Raptured and ended up in the news for her claims. Hunter Dean Winchester spotted the story and decided to investigate Angela's disappearance as a possible case. Though Lee tried to misdirect Dean, Lorna pointed Dean to the junkyard as a good location for hiding a car. Dean was able to locate Angela's car from her student parking permit which was in the picture of Angela featured in the news story. Dean located Angela's body in the trunk to his dismay and was captured by Lee for uncovering his secret. Dean avenged her by killing Lee.


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