Angela Mason was a girl that was brought back from the dead by her friend.


Season 2Edit

Angela Mason supernatural

Angela Mason in a Video Clip being watched by her ex-boyfriend Matt.

Angela was a nice girl whose father was a college professor. She lived with her roommate Lindsey. She was dating Matt Harrison, but she walked in on him sleeping with Lindsey. So she went over to her close friend Neil's house, but Matt went to talk to her. She snuck out and when she was driving home, talking with Matt, her car went off the road and crashed, killing her instantly.

Neil brought her back from the dead due to his crush on Angela. After she was resurrected, Angela had been staying in Neil's basement. Unfortunately, Angela didn't come back as Angela. She had become twisted. So she killed Matt for cheating on her and tried to kill Lindsey, but was stopped by the Winchesters.

After Sam and Dean stopped her, she went to Neil's office at the school and overheard Sam and Dean's "plan" to kill her. After the Winchester's left Neil's office, he asked her why she was out of the house, she avoided the questions and asked him to stop the boys from killing her. When she realized Neil wasn't going to help her, she snapped Neil's neck. Then she headed to the cemetery where the Winchesters lured her to her grave. Sam and Dean managed to get Angela back into her grave and Dean staked her. During the struggle with her, Sam broke his hand.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Being a "real" form of zombie, she is incredibly powerful in strength and agility, and is highly regenerative.

  • Super Strength - She is able to easily overpower humans. She easily snapped the neck of her victim by simple movement of her hands.
  • Super Speed - She is awkwardly fast, moving in fast strides.
  • Regeneration - While her body can receive damage, she can repair herself from her injuries.
  • Invulnerability - Although she can be harmed, she is very difficult to re-kill.
  • Death to Vegetation - Due to her unnatural existence which poisons the ground around her, her presence causes plants in her presence to wither and die.


  • Silver Stake - She is re-killed if impaled to her grave bed by a silver stake.

Appearances Edit

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