An Angel Trap is a sigil trap and a means to trap an angel besides holy fire. Like another trapping methods, angels could not escape once inside the trap, but unlike holy fire, angels trapped by this could not use their powers.

Like its counterpart devil's trap, it appeared that no matter how powerful the angel, an angel trap still affected them. From an ordinary angel to higher-ranked angel like Gadreel,[1] or an archangel like Lucifer.[2]

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Season 9 Edit

An angel trap was first used by Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester to trap Gadreel, and was in the shape of a circle with four Enochian runes in each direction.[1]

Season 11 Edit

One of the ingredients to safely summon and hold Lucifer was an blood painted angel trap arranged on the square base of a cage, and was created by the witch Rowena. While it was used to hold the archangel for a time, Rowena had slightly altered the sigils which allowed Lucifer to regain the use of his abilities, and apport Sam into the cage.[2]

It later used once again against Lucifer. However, in this time, the Angel Trap used are circular with complex Enochian sigil set. In addition, the trap strengthen with Holy fire and Angel Suppressing Sigil .[3] The Angel Trap only lasted a short time against the fallen archangel and eventually failed with the rest of the warding, letting Lucifer free.


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