This Angel Tablet is a Word of God from an alternate reality.


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In War of the Worlds, the Prophet Kevin Tran is recruited by the archangel Michael to open a rift that leads to another world using the Angel Tablet. Kevin reads the instructions for opening the rift and is given Lucifer's grace as one of the ingredients. As a result of the ritual Kevin performs a rift opens, but unknown to Kevin and Michael it only lets one being through before closing. Lucifer is able to take the opportunity to escape back to the Main Universe while the rift is open.

In Devil's Bargain, after learning of Kevin's use of this Angel Tablet to open the rift, the Winchesters and Castiel realize that their own Angel Tablet may also contain the spell this one had for crossing universes. With their own Angel Tablet destroyed, the Winchesters ask Donatello Redfield to check the Demon Tablet to see if, as a Word of God, it also contained a ritual to open a rift between universes. Donatello is able to find a ritual on the Demon Tablet to open rifts to other universes, but it is later shown to be different than the one on the Apocalypse World Angel Tablet.

In Unfinished Business, Kevin reveals that he has perfected the ritual from the Angel Tablet so that Michael can now use it to lead an invasion force to the Main Universe. It is unknown what happened to the Angel Tablet after Kevin's subsequent suicide and it was apparently not found by the resistance fighters in Michael's abandoned fortress.

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This angel tablet has a ritual to open a rift to a another universe, one of the ingredients being the grace of an archangel. While the Main Universe Demon Tablet also contains a ritual for the same purpose, the rift it opens lasts for twenty-four hours while the ritual this Angel Tablet describes only opens the rift for one person to go through before closing.



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