The Angel Tablet, arguably the most powerful instrument in the history of the universe.
Metatron on The Angel Tablet
in Do You Believe In Miracles?

The Angel Tablet is one of three known Words of God. It pertains the nature of Angels as well as granting unimaginable power to Angels who have a connection with it.



During Creation, God employed Metatron, who came to be known as the Scribe of God, to transcribe the compendium of tablets that would become known as the Word of God for the use of the human race. Amongst those tablets was the Angel Tablet, providing humanity with information about angels.

At some point, the Angel Tablet fell into the hands of the archangel Lucifer. Lucifer locked the Angel Tablet up in one of his crypts in a box that was angel-warded.

Season 8Edit

In Torn and Frayed, the captured angel Samandriel is tortured by Crowley with the help of the demon Viggo for useful information. After Crowley hacks into Samandriel's "programing," Samandriel reveals the existence of an Angel Tablet to Crowley's shock.

Following Samandriel's rescue, he reveals to Castiel that he told Crowley about the Angel Tablet, something that Samandriel didn't even know existed. Upon hearing this, Naomi forces Castiel to kill Samandriel. Naomi reminds Castiel that in the wrong hands, the Angel Tablet could be extremely dangerous to the angels, pointing out what the information on the Demon Tablet has proven to be capable of.

In Goodbye Stranger, a fully-brainwashed Castiel is sent to search for the Angel Tablet at the same time that Crowley is having several of his demons do the same. Having learned that the Angel Tablet is in one of Lucifer's Crypts, Crowley uses Meg, who knows the location of the crypts from her time with the Prince of Hell Azazel, to try to find the right crypt. Castiel's kills of the searching demons draws the attention of the Winchesters and they team up with Castiel to search for what Castiel, under the control of Naomi, claims to be a parchment that will allow Crowley to decode his half of the Demon Tablet.

After rescuing Meg, the Winchesters learn the truth and Meg points them to the location of the correct crypt. As Meg and Sam defend the crypt entrance from Crowley and his demons, Dean and Castiel search the crypt itself. Finally, Castiel locates a box containing the Angel Tablet and is ordered to have Dean retrieve it and then to kill Dean and bring the tablet to her. Inside the box, the two find a heavy stone with the Angel Tablet encased within it. During the struggle that follows, the stone falls to the floor and shatters, releasing the Angel Tablet. Ultimately, Castiel picks up the Angel Tablet which engulfs Castiel in a bright glow that severs Naomi's hold over him.

In the aftermath, Castiel explains what happened to Dean and states that he knows that must protect the Angel Tablet from everyone, including Dean rather than sending it to Kevin Tran for translation. Castiel departs alone with the tablet and rides a bus with it. Later, Crowley and Naomi meet in the crypt and Naomi reveals that Castiel is doing what he is supposed to by protecting the tablet.

In The Great Escapist, both the angels and the demons search for Castiel and the Angel Tablet. The angels are finally able to capture Castiel at a Biggerson's, but are interrupted by Crowley before they can find the Angel Tablet. After driving the angels away, Crowley determines that Castiel is keeping the Angel Tablet inside of himself and painfully removes the tablet from the abdomen of Castiel's vessel.

After Kevin discovers Crowley's deception, Crowley returns to the illusion of Fizzles' Folly with the Angel Tablet. Crowley states that he no longer cares about the Demon Tablet since he has the Angel Tablet and tries to kill Kevin before Kevin is rescued by Metatron.

In Clip Show, Metatron approaches Castiel to seal up Heaven to force the angels to stop their squabbling. Metatron states to Castiel that since he wrote the Angel Tablet, he knows everything on it, including the Trials to seal up Heaven.

In Sacrifice, when Crowley demands the Demon Tablet to stop killing people the Winchesters have saved, Dean agrees but demands the Angel Tablet in return. After Dean states that Crowley should not have that much power, Crowley reluctantly agrees to trade the Angel Tablet for the Demon Tablet. During the meeting at the ruins of Singer Salvage Yard, Crowley shows that he has the Angel Tablet in his coat pocket. After the Winchesters capture Crowley, Dean removes the Angel Tablet from Crowley's coat and gives it to Sam.

After Metatron is captured by Naomi, Dean and Castiel bring the Angel Tablet before Kevin in order to find out the last Trial. Kevin, however, is reluctant as he wants to return to a normal life and it took him months to translate the Demon Tablet. Later, Kevin calls Dean to reveal that he has found Trials on the Angel Tablet, but they don't match up with what Metatron has given them. When Naomi arrives to reveal that its actually a spell to expel all angels from Heaven, Dean asks Kevin who checks the Angel Tablet, but can't confirm Naomi's claims.

Season 9Edit

In Heaven Can't Wait, Kevin Tran attempts to use the Angel Tablet to find out how to reverse the spell Metatron used to expel all the angels from Heaven. However, the part containing the spell is harder to read than the rest of the tablet, but Kevin manages to translate it into proto-Elamite cuneiform which Crowley agrees to read for them if he is allowed a call with Abaddon. After the call, Crowley translates the text and discovers that the spell can't be reversed.

In Holy Terror, after murdering Kevin, the rogue angel Gadreel steals the Angel Tablet and the Demon Tablet from the Men of Letters bunker on Metatron's orders.

In Road Trip, Gadreel brings Metatron the Angel and Demon tablets at a bar. Metatron is pleased to see the tablets, but is less than pleased to discover that Gadreel allowed Dean Winchester to live.

In Meta Fiction, after Metatron displays deity-level ability during a confrontation, Sam realizes that Metatron is using the Angel Tablet to power up.

In Do You Believe In Miracles?, after switching sides, Gadreel tells Sam and Castiel that he believes that Metatron has been using the Angel Tablet to power up. As a result, if they sever Metatron's connection with the tablet, he will lose all of his extra powers and become an ordinary angel again, making it easier for Dean to defeat him with the First Blade and the Mark of Cain. However, the Angel Tablet is located in Metatron's office in Heaven.

After entering Heaven through a trick, Castiel and Gadreel are locked in Heaven's dungeon before they can search for the Angel Tablet. The two angels attempt to convince Hannah to help them without success until Gadreel sacrifices himself to free Castiel from his cell. With the help of Hannah, Castiel attempts to find the tablet without luck with Ingrid refusing to talk even when Hannah threatens her with an angel blade to her throat. Finally, Castiel sends the two other angels away and continues his search alone.


The Angel Tablet destroyed.

Eventually, Castiel manages to find the Angel Tablet in Metatron's typewriter. Removing the Angel Tablet, Castiel throws it to the ground, smashing the tablet into pieces and effectively destroying it. With the Angel Tablet destroyed, Metatron loses his extra power just after mortally wounding Dean and is forced to flee when Sam attacks.

Returning to his office, Metatron is displeased to see that Castiel has destroyed the Angel Tablet, "arguably the most powerful instrument in the history of the universe." Without his powers from the Angel Tablet, Metatron is easily overpowered and imprisoned by his own followers after Castiel tricks Metatron into broadcasting the truth about his plans over "angel radio."

Season 11Edit

In All in the Family, after approaching the Winchesters to help fight the Darkness, Metatron points out that he knows all the spells from the Angel Tablet as a reason why he can help them. Later, during the Rescue of Lucifer, Metatron uses a spell that's presumably from the Angel Tablet to free Lucifer from the Darkness' hold on him.

Season 13Edit

In Devil's Bargain, after learning from Castiel that the Apocalypse World Kevin Tran used a ritual from his own Angel Tablet to open a rift between Apocalypse World and the Main Universe, the Winchesters bring the Demon Tablet before Prophet Donatello Redfield. The Winchesters explain that with the Main Universe Angel Tablet destroyed, they hope that the Demon Tablet, as another Word of God, will also contain a way to open a door between the worlds.

Season 14Edit

In Byzantium, in a desperate attempt to save Jack, Sam calls in Lily Sunder to look over Kevin's translations of the Angel Tablet in hopes that Lily's unique knowledge of angels will allow her to read the tablet and potentially find something useful. However, Lily proves to be unable to read the Angel Tablet transcriptions.

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The Angel Tablet contains information on how to shut the gates of Heaven. The trials are never revealed, but the first seemed to include cutting out the heart of a Nephilim. The tablet talks about the spell that can be used to permanently banish angels from Heaven and remove their wings.

Uniquely, this tablet granted Metatron powers similar to, though not above, God's powers, making him immune to rings of Holy Fire. It took the destruction of the tablet to remove Metatron's powers. It is unknown how his powers compared to the archangels while he was powered up.

According to Kevin, it is more difficult to decipher the part of the angel tablet referring to Metatron's spell than it is to decipher the other two and the rest of the tablet. He was only able to translate it into proto-elamite cunieform.

Like its alternate reality counterpart, the angel tablet presumably contained a ritual for opening a rift between universes.

Powers and Abilities Edit

When an angel is connected to the tablet, they are granted God-like powers.

  • Lower Tier Nigh-Omnipotence - With the Angel Tablet, the angel is granted a tremendous amount of power that was even compared to God himself. The angel became able to warp reality just by willing it in the form of written text and could easily overcome angelic weaknesses.
    • Conjuration - Connected to the angel tablet, an angel can conjure objects out of thin air.
    • Perception Alteration - Empowered by the angel tablet, an angel can alter the perception of other angels.
    • Super Breath - An angel empowered with the angel tablet can extinguish Holy Fire easily, similar to Lucifer.
    • Super Strength - With the angel tablet, an angel is granted great strength, even enough to defeat a bearer of the Mark of Cain.

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  • This is the only tablet shown capable of granting powers to the user.
  • This tablet and alternate reality Angel Tablet share the same history up until 1973 when the realities diverged.

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