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Each of our names inscribed on our swords.

An angel sword is a longer variation of the angel blade.


It is wielded by the class of angels known as the Grigori, a disbanded angel squad placed on Earth to watch over the humans. On the side of the angel sword, each Grigori has their name inscribed on the swords in Enochian. After the Grigori started preying on humans and were mostly wiped out, the survivors kept their swords.

In 2015, Dean Winchester and Claire Novak identified Tamiel as a Grigori based on the wound his angel sword left when it was used to kill Ronnie Cartwright. After capturing Sam, Tamiel explained the history of the Grigori and their swords to him. During the fight that subsequently followed, Amelia Novak sacrificed herself to save her daughter and Claire ultimately killed Tamiel with his own angel sword. Claire subsequently chose to keep Tamiel's sword for herself and later uses it while hunting supposed monsters in Sioux Falls.

In 2020, while investigating the death of Sariel at the hands of a resurrected Jack Kline, Castiel discovers an angel sword hidden in his exam room and remembers Tamiel explaining about the Grigori and their swords. From the angel sword he found, Castiel realizes that Vic was a Grigori. Jack is later captured by Kabaiel, the last surviving Grigori who uses his own sword to torment the young Nephilim. When Castiel arrives to rescue his nephew, he fights Kabaiel with his angel blade, managing to counter the sword strikes with the smaller angel blade. Castiel kills the Grigori and takes his sword, but drops it to embrace Jack.

It is unclear what happened to the swords of Vic Sariel and Kabaiel. However, Castiel may have taken possession of them and brought the angel swords to the Men of Letters bunker.


The angel sword is a three-sided blade with a rigid handle. It is similar to the angel blade, but with an elongated shaft. It has the name of its owner written down in Enochian on its sides. Like angel blades, angel swords are capable of killing angels and demons, in effect acting as a longer version of the regular blades.

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  • Despite Claire Novak taking Tamiel's angel sword with her when she becomes a hunter, it is never seen again after Don't You Forget About Me despite Claire now being a full-time hunter. No explanation is ever given for why Claire no longer uses the angel sword, particularly given how powerful of a weapon it is.