This spell is a ritual to resurrect an angel from The Empty, back to the Earth.


At some point, Lucifer possessed knowledge about it. He taught the ritual to Nick in order to bring him back again to the Earth.


The procedure of this ritual seems similar to a séance. It is unknown if the angel who will be resurrected must be awakened first or not. The user must encircle himself in a salt ring and drip their own blood to a bowl. Blood of the Nephilim that is related to the deceased angel is also required. To secure it, the nephilim blood may be contained in a cloth. All of the blood later must be burned.

The user later set praying gesture to the fire and reciting the spell. The spell incantation quite long enough, but, only part of it shown on screen.

...qui dormiunt, ad dominum formosum. Nexus noster, restitutus est. Surgas ex abysso, in lumine existas!

Rough translation

... To the beloved master, who slept. Our link restored. Get up from the depths, into the light!
or ...who has fallen back to the fair. Our links restored. You may arise again out of the abyss, in the light of the eye exists!

After the incantation is recited, a dark rift will open. Once the rift appears The Empty's inhabitant that the user is trying to resurrect will appear near the rift, they will welcome the user from other side and cross it. The angel's state when being resurrected is just simply a shapeless or crudely shaped essence, they must have a vessel to contain them. In normal condition, the caster will become the vessel of the resurrected angel, if they are willing to become it.


  • Higher Beings - Higher Beings like Jack can shove the resurrected angel essence back to The Empty.



  • The use of Nick's specific blood in the ritual may have been an important component beyond the fact that he was the one performing the ritual. Along with being the one performing the ritual, Nick was also Lucifer's vessel, thus giving the ritual both the blood of the angel in question's vessel and of someone of the angel's bloodline.
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