Imprisonment Sigil

Angel Imprisoning Sigil placed on Castiel's HQ door

An Angel Imprisoning Sigil is a sigil that if placed in a room it makes it so any angel which entered the room cannot use their powers and imprisons them.


The sigil is used by Castiel and his faction to hold prisoners. It imprisons the enemy angel in the room, but it doesn't prevent them from actually moving unless they are tied down. This is also effective on Reapers. It was used when Ezra, Flagstaff and Tessa were interrogated.


Not much known about the sigil. The sigil itself is a set of sigils that constructed by at least three different sigil arranged perpendicularly in a side of the door of the room. The sigils are Enochian in origin. The sigils also drawn by angel's blood.



  • A devil's trident appears as one of the sigil that constitute the set of the sigils.
  • It's unknown if the sigil also capable to be used against Demons for interrogating and torturing purposes.
  • Interestingly, In King of the Damned, when Ezra killed by Josiah, no one heard his voice. However, in Stairway To Heaven, when Tessa killed by Dean via The First Blade, her scream is loud enough to be heared by angels. Its possible no one was guarding Ezra when he was killed.


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