Angel Heart is the 20th episode of Season 10. It aired on April 29, 2015.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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When Claire Novak (guest star Kathryn Love Newton) gets a lead on her mother, Amelia (guest star Leisha Hailey), who has been missing for years, Castiel asks Sam and Dean to help her. Castiel feels guilty for what he did to the Novak family and wants to make amends by reuniting Claire with her mom. However, when they find out what took Amelia, they realize there is a chance Claire may not get her happy ending.


Amelia Novak walks through the door to her home and is overjoyed when she sees her husband Jimmy once again, having thought she'd lost him forever. Suddenly she starts bleeding from the forearms, and briefly wakes up to reality: she's strapped to a cot while a man makes a cut in her arm. Soul light seeps out and he inhales it. He puts her back to sleep by touching her cheek and her vision begins again, the same as before.

Claire Novak is in Susie's bar in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has tracked down Ronnie Cartwright to ask if he's seen her mother, Amelia, who mentioned Ronnie in her diary. He denies knowing Amelia Novak, but Claire points out she never told him her last name. Outside the bar, Ronnie shoves Claire to get away from her, knocking her unconscious, calling an ambulance for her before he leaves.

The police call Castiel as his number is in Claire's emergency contact list. Castiel is pacing outside the Tulsa Memorial Hospital when Samand Dean arrive, having been called by Castiel for moral support. She's not thrilled to see them, especially Dean, but reluctantly tells them she was looking for her mom. The last she heard from her was a postcard two years ago, from Curtis Motor Court motel. Castiel, Sam and Dean go outside her room and decide to track down Ronnie Cartwright, but when they go back in, Claire is gone. Sam heads to the motel while Castiel and Dean go check out Susie's bar.

In the Impala, Dean tells Castiel not to get too attached to Claire, that he's not her dad and she might be stronger on her own. Dean and Castiel find Ronnie in the bar and ask him about Claire. When Ronnie calls her a bitch, Dean slams his head against the table, prompting Ronnie to admit he took Amelia to a faith healer named Peter Holloway, who had healed Ronnie of his blindness. Amelia was one of several people who Ronnie saw Peter tie up and give incisions. After that, Ronnie quit helping Peter. As Dean and Castiel leave, Ronnie calls Peter to warn him, but Peter turns up beside him and blinds him by putting two fingers to his forehead, then stabs him with an angel sword.

Sam finds Claire at the Curtis Motor Court where she's staying. She starts packing, but Sam makes her stay a little longer by offering to check the records of Amelia's credit cards that Claire had received along with her journal. Castiel and Dean join Sam and Claire in the motel, and Castiel gives Claire a birthday present – a Grumpy Cat plushie from, as he calls it, "the Hot Topical." Sam, at his laptop, sees an alert from the local P.D. that Ronnie's body was just found outside Susie's bar. Dean, Castiel and Claire head back there, but not before Sam asks Castiel privately what happened between Dean and Ronnie, to which Castiel replies "Dean snapped. He's getting worse."

Outside the bar, Dean introduces himself and Castiel as agents Clapton and Page, and explains Claire's presence by "it's bring your daughter to work day." Castiel thinks Ronnie's stab wound looks made by an angel blade, but there are additional marks around it that he can't explain. They head back to the motel, where Sam has found out about a property belonging to Peter Holloway in the same area where Amelia used her credit card. Claire wants to go with them to Peter's place, but Castiel says it's too dangerous and also that Dean can't go, either, after what happened at the bar. Sam agrees with Castiel: "We need to keep the Mark in check."

In the Impala, Castiel asks Sam if he thinks Claire would be better off on her own, and Sam gives him the opposite advice to what Dean did earlier: "Going it alone, that's no way to live." They reach Peter Holloway's place and split up to search the buildings. Castiel finds Amelia in the barn and wakes her from her vision. He tries to heal her wounds, but can't.

Getting restless at the motel, Dean decides to take Claire to play a round of mini-golf. During their game, Claire bitterly mentions her dad and Dean tells her that his sacrifice meant that Cass was able to help save the world, and that he was a hero. When Claire drops her club into the last hole, Dean suddenly understands how the marks were made on Ronnie's body – it was the hilt of an angel sword, not a regular angel blade.

Angel Heart 08

Dean and Claire on a hunt

From that, and some research he deduces that they're dealing with a Grigori, a watcher angel. Claire is confused how Dean got that from golf game but wonders how an angel is feeding on humans. Not caring why Dean calls Sam, but before he can pick up, Holloway clubs him from behind. Sam wakes up tied to a chair, beginning to work on escaping before Holloway appears and tells him that he's a Grigori, and his real name is Tamiel, and he's been feeding on human souls since the dawn of man, hiding from the other angels. When Dean can't get hold of Castiel either, he decides to head out to find them. Claire expects him to leave her behind, but he hands her a revolver saying "Happy birthday. Don't shoot me. Let's go." The excited girl then follows after Dean.

Angel Heart 05

Mother and daughter are reunited

The two arrive at Holloway's place and find Castiel who believed they were a threat. He leads them to Amelia in the barn. Claire and Amelia hug, Amelia sobbing that she's sorry. Dean and Castiel find Sam in the house, who was able to pry loose a nail from the chair and pick the handcuffs. The brothers inform the other of what they are dealing with, as Castiel talks about how the Grigori were thought extinct but Sam says some survive and explains what they've been up to. Realizing that's what was wrong with the victims, a disgusted Castiel angrily asks where this "abomination" went and Sam says Holloway/Tamiel is no longer in the house. Dean quickly realizes and runs for the barn, the others following.

Claire is trying to help Amelia out of the barn when Tamiel confronts them and taunts Claire about her mother's condition. Claire shoots him four times in the chest to no avail. He strikes at Claire with his sword and Amelia jumps between them, getting stabbed in the chest. Tamiel is just about to stab Claire when Castiel rushes in and tackles him. A fight ensues between Tamiel, Castiel, Sam and Dean but they are overwhelmed by the evil angel. Just as Tamiel is about to stab Castiel, Claire kills him with his own sword. When the dust settles, Claire rushes to her mother and the two have a final moment before Amelia finally dies.


Amelia reunites with her husband in Heaven

Much like her visions of Heaven created by Tamiel, Amelia walks into the house where she is met by Jimmy. Not sure if what she is seeing is real, Jimmy assures her that he is real and they are in Heaven. He tells her he has been waiting for her for so long, and questions her about Claire.

The next day as Sam, Dean and Cass are preparing to see Claire off, Dean gives Claire a parting birthday gift: a DVD of Caddyshack and a book titled The Enochian Myth. She tries to return the book but he reveals Tamiel's sword in her bag and he warns her if she goes down the hunter path but she thinks she can handle it. Claire then apologizes for setting Dean up before, and Dean says it's in the past. She asks Dean to keep an eye on Castiel. Castiel tries to stutter out that he'll always be there for Claire, and she hugs him, then gets in the cab that will take her to Jody Mills.


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  • Castiel is once again wearing a tie.
  • The song playing at the end of the episode is Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain by Willie Nelson.
  • Kathryn Newton recorded a video of Jensen and Misha being cats on the motel set of this episode.
  • It is unknown whether Grigori were affected by Metatron's spell that caused all other angels to lose their wings, as Tamiel was shown to still be able to teleport.
    • However, it was said this went for angels expelled in Heaven not those already on Earth.
  • Ronnie's wound from the angel sword has three additional marks from the hilt, coming from the center at the same angle as the edges of the blade. However, the sword used by Tamiel is shown to have these points outside of the three sides of the blade, not the edges. And at the end of the episode when revealed in Claire's bag, the ring of points seems to be reversed on the swords with points seeming to match Ronnie's wound.



  • Dean: Hey Cass listen, what you're doing for Claire—helping her find her mom, it's good-it's a good thing.
  • Castiel: But?
  • Dean: Where does it end? I'm not trying to be a dick, but truth is you're not her dad, in fact you're not anything to her except a constant reminder of someone that's gone.

  • Dean: Alright. You know what, if we stay cooped up in this motel room all night I'm gonna lose my mind.
  • Claire: Spoiler alert, you already have.

  • Dean: We help people. At least we try to.
  • Claire: Like Castiel helped my Dad?
  • Dean: Claire, what happened to your dad, I'm sorry, okay, I really am. But, uh, there's something you gotta know; your dad's sacrifice was not meaningless, okay he gave up his body, his vessel. Because he did that, Cass was able to save the world, the world. Your father's a hero, he did not die in vain.

  • Dean: You know, Claire... You already got your revenge. You go down this path- our path... It's not a long life.
  • Claire: I don't know, you seem pretty old.
  • Dean: Thanks.


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Supernatural 10x20 Promo "Angel Heart" (HD)

Supernatural 10x20 Promo "Angel Heart" (HD)



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