These four unnamed angels were part of a squad led by a commander and they all resided in the Apocalypse World.

Overview Edit

When their commander detected the stench of a creature from Hell, they tracked down the location and discovered Mary Winchester and Lucifer. Lucifer assumed the angels thought the creature was Mary, but their commander responded with "False!" and demanded to know who Lucifer was.

Lucifer introduced himself to the angels, but the commander did not believe he was really Lucifer since the Archangel Michael had killed Lucifer some time ago. The commander and his angels then prepared to smite Lucifer.

Before they could attack, Lucifer snapped his fingers and caused all of the angels to explode into dust.

Powers and Abilities Edit

They appeared to be regular angels with the abilities of ones.

  • Angelic Possession - Like all angels, they required vessels to walk the Earth and their permission to do so.
  • Immortality - As angels, they would never age or die unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - As angels, they were invulnerable to most forms of harm.
  • Smiting - They were able to smite like all common angels.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Archangels - Lucifer was able to effortlessly kill them.

Appearances Edit

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